Green Bay Service Center Move Scheduled April 21–25

Those who have been following updates on our Green Bay Service Center sale and move know it’s been more than a year that we began implementing the long range property plan recommendation to sell our Finger Road property and relocate. The Finger Road location has been on the market for just over a year and we received and approved an accepted offer in January. The zoning change request contingency (the final contingency to the sale) has now been satisfied and we are planning to close the sale at the end of April. Our new location is 112 N. Adams St, an ideally-situated building in the center of Green Bay’s growing downtown that was a gift from Associated Bank to NeighborWorks. The building will be managed as a community nonprofit center; United Way is already located on the second floor. Mosaic Arts Inc. will be located across the hall from GSNWGL on the first floor, and to those who have been wondering: yes! We will have a retail store right there on the first floor. NeighborWorks continues to work with other nonprofits interested in this wonderful shared space, and we look forward to all the collaborative possibilities that this new location will bring!

Our move dates are now finalized. The Green Bay office and shop, as well as our online shop, will be closed April 2125 as we move into our new location. We will reopen on Monday, April 28 at 112 Adams St. in downtown Green Bay.