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Democratic Process

The democratic process allows GSNWGL members to influence major decisions affecting our Council. While not every member can vote or make final policy decisions, this process ensures that each member is informed about Council issues and needs and can provide input to our board of directors.


Become a Board Member

The members of our Council’s board of directors and board committees provide direction and leadership to GSNWGL’s operations. Members of the board and board committees must be recommended by another person.

Those interested in applying may fill out the  interest form.


Girl Board Members

Girl Scouts are eligible to serve on our board of directors or a board committee. Girls serving on the board must be 16-18 years of age, and for a board committee must be 14-18 years of age. Girls interested in applying may fill out the  girl application form.


Recommending a Board Member

If you would like to recommend someone to our Council’s board of directors or a board committee, please contact us at 888.747.6945.