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Fall Product Resources

Our Fall Product Program is managed in the Nut-e web based system by Troop, Service Unit, and volunteers. It is also the system used by the Council to order product as well as rewards. Your Service Area Fall Product Manager will be sure the troop is provided login information. Registered girl’s names will be uploaded prior to the sale start date though newly registered girls can be easily added as they join your troop.

We will have everything you need to facilitate our Fall Product Program!


Troop Fall Product Manager Training (Video)

Troop Fall Product Manager Training (Slides)

Troop Fall Product Training Script

Fall Product Rally Guide


Service Area Manager Fall Product Guide to Nut-e

Service Area Manager Fall Product Guide to Nut-e (Cranberry Valley & Rockwood)

Troop Quick Guide to Nut-e

Troop Quick Guide to Nut-e (Cranberry Valley & Rockwood)

 Forms and Permission Slip

Service Area Fall Product Manager Agreement

Troop Fall Product Manager Agreement

Fall Product Program Permission Slip (Girls) 

 Fun Stuff

Fall Product Business Cards

Fall Product Door Hanger

Fall Product Family Flyer