Girl Scout troops are an exciting way for girls to connect with one another and positive role models. In Girl Scout troops, girls and adults work together to determine which fun, hands-on activities they want to do and what they want to accomplish as a group. Girls can join troops as early as kindergarten, and can remain a girl member of Girl Scouts through high school graduation.

Each Girl Scout troop is unique, and the options are endless! There are five types of troops that can be customized to meet the needs of the girl members and the volunteers:

Traditional troops are led by a troop leader and co-leader. They typically meet every 2-4 weeks year-round and earn badges, sell cookies, and go on field trips.

Short-term troops allow families and volunteers to begin the troop in the fall and end before spring, or delay the start of the troop until November or December. These troops are also led by a troop leader and co-leader, meet every 2-4 weeks, and earn badges, sell cookies, and go on field trips.

Cooperative troops involve shared leadership between parents and volunteers. Many cooperative troops enable parents to take one meeting each and lead girls through badges, the Cookie Program, and field trips. These troops also meet every 2-4 weeks year-round, and start in the fall.

Special interest troops meet year-round every 2-4 weeks and are led by a troop leader and co-leader. These troops focus their activities and badges on a theme of health and wellness, art and culture, or environment and the outdoors.

School day troops meet year-round at school during breakfast or lunch. Led by a troop leader and co-leader, troops work on badges for shorter periods of time every 1-2 weeks.

eTroop is an virtual troop option for girls that allows the flexibility and fun in an online environment. Open to all girls K-5 who are not currently in a troop but want to participate in Girl Scout activities like earning patches, badges, attending camp and, of course, selling cookies.

To find out what kinds of troops are available in your community, call 888.747.6945, or register now!