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Grow with Girl Scouts

In celebration of 110 years of Girl Scouts and to commemorate this milestone, we are excited to introduce you to our 2022 GSNWGL Community Champions!  These trailblazing Alum represent different service areas of our Council and are instrumental in empowering girls to bloom into their best selves.

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Meet our Community Champions

Susan McFadden - Community Champion

Susan McFadden (aka Sam), Appleton Service Center

As Professor Emerita of Psychology at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Susan’s teaching focuses on attitudes, arts, and culture programs for persons living with dementia. Susan serves in many capacities for a non-profit she co-founded: Fox Valley Memory Project. Additionally, Susan believes in shaping girls to become leaders and is a proud grandmother of a fourth generation Girl Scout! Susan’s Girl Scout experiences started in 1955 and into adulthood, where she also served on the Board of Directors for both the Fox Area Girl Scouts and GSNWGL Council.

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Susan's Full Biography

I am the proud grandmother of a fourth-generation Girl Scout. My mom, born in 1922, was a Girl Scout in Wapakoneta, OH. I was a Girl Scout in Pittsburgh, PA. My daughter, a Gold Award Scout, grew up in Girl Scouting in Appleton, WI, and spent many happy summers at Chalk Hills Camp. Now my granddaughter is a Brownie in Minneapolis, MN.

I served on the Board of directors for the Fox River Area Girl Scouts and later, I was on the Board for the Girl Scouts of the Northwestern Great Lakes. I treasure the friendships I’ve made through Girl Scouting as well as the outdoor skills I learned in my troop, at Girl Scout camp, and as a Girl Scout camp counselor.

Camping has changed a lot with greater awareness of preserving the natural environment. We no longer trench tents, dig latrines or lash tables from green wood, but Girl Scouts will always gain lasting friendships from camp experiences along with skills like outdoor cooking, hiking, canoeing, and coping with unexpected challenges, and singing around a campfire.

In addition to the fun of Girl Scout camping, I got my first taste of trying to make the world a better place when my troop leaders organized a weekly after-school program for second-grade girls at a run-down school in Pittsburgh’s Hill District. In the 1960s as the civil rights movement was gaining attention throughout our country, Pittsburgh, like so many American cities, was quite segregated. My intrepid leaders drove small groups of us to that school to sing, laugh, do crafts, eat snacks, and get to know the African American girls who participated. Their school was only 7.5 miles from my school but could have been in a different country given the stark contrast with my all-white suburban school. 

Girl Scout Alum Questionnaire

1. Years: 1955-1966 as a Girl Scout; then 1974-today as an adult Girl Scout

2. Camp Name: I was a camp counselor and my name was Sam.

3. Favorite Badges: My favorite badges were all the ones associated with camping.

4. Girl Scout Leader: Mrs. Anne Wells and Mrs. Nelle Offutt were my leaders from 6th grade through 12th grade. They helped us do some amazing camping and backpacking trips and they inspired us to care about the world beyond our Pittsburgh suburb. They were the mothers of two women I’m still in touch with.

5. Free Summer Afternoon: On the trail, with a good book in a hammock, in the garden, skipping stones into the river or lake, a picnic with family or friends.

6. Favorite Comfort Treat: The almonds and walnuts I roast. I just grab a few when I’m hungry between meals.

7. Beverage of Choice: Caffeinated coffee, black. Just 2 cups in the morning.

8. Woman in the Public Eye: Stacey Abrams. She was a Girl Scout!

9. Favorite Color: Green, Yellow, Lavender

10. Can’t Live Without: Computer!

11. Favorite Girl Scout Cookie: Caramel DeLites (Samoas)



Judy Nagel

Judy Nagel (aka Woodland Adventure), Green Bay Service Center

After 30+ years as the Vice President Investment Officer for Wells Fargo, Judy now uses her professional experience to serve on a variety of Boards and Committees in retirement. Of the fourteen Boards Judy has served on, she has been President for ten, in addition to leading as the GSNWGL Board Chair during the undertaking of a one-million-dollar capital campaign. Judy’s experience as a Girl Scout is unique, in that it started as an adult, and the importance of girls’ leadership development is why she remains committed to this day. Judy is also a talented gardener and avid traveler.

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Judy's Full Biography

Unlike most girls who started Girl Scouts as a youth, for me, Girl Scouts began as an adult. Growing up in rural Iowa, I was a member of 4-H. Through that experience, I understood the importance of youth development. In my early 30’s I was asked to join the board of the Lac Baie Council, probably because the nominating committee was looking for someone with skills in finance. As a stockbroker with Merrill Lynch, I qualified. First, I chaired the Finance Committee and later became the board Chair. During that time, we completed a capital campaign for one million dollars to build a program center.

 What I learned from the Girl Scout board training has served me well. Over the years I have served on fourteen boards and served as President on ten of those boards. The responsibilities have ranged from setting policy for art museums, botanical gardens, theater restoration, state board of curators, and the corporate board of two hospitals. The hospital board involved approval of multi-million-dollar expenditures, physician credentialing, contract approvals, and hiring a CEO.

Each board had its own unique learning curve, but the Girl Scout experience, which clearly defined the importance of separating the policy function of the board from the operating function of the staff, has been a critical reason why I’ve been sought out to serve on and lead boards.

Girls’ leadership development is why I continue with Girl Scouts. For this reason, I’ve established a bequest in my will that will fund an endowment to finance a scholarship for girls who earn the gold award. The criteria equally weigh academic achievement with financial need and community service. 

Girl Scout Alum Questionnaire

1. Years: 1984 to present (38 years)

2. Camp name: I don’t have a camp name, but if I could choose one it would be: Woodland Adventure

3. Favorite Badge: Thanks Badge

4. Girl Scout Leader: Jean Tremel for her dedication to over 400 girls. She combined the girl’s leadership development with adventure. Her youthful spirit was imbedded in them through her example.

5. Free summer afternoon: Working in the garden. On my property I’ve planted 80 trees more than 100 shrubs and even more perennials. Hey need constant tending but I’m rewarded by their colorful and scented blooms from Spring through Fall

6. Favorite comfort treat: Culver’s strawberry sundae

7. Beverage of choice: Green Tea

8. Woman in the public eye: Nora O’Donnell, a television journalist, she is well informed and adventurous. I believe Nora O’Donnell was a Girl Scout

9. Favorite Colors:  red, black, mustard yellow

10. Can’t live without: My soft plush robe… the best way to start the day

11. Favorite cookie: Thin Mints…blend a few with ice cream and they make a great mint malt



Danielle Wagner

Danielle Wagner (aka Playful Otter), Eau Claire Service Center

As a prominent evening Anchor at WEAU 13 News in Eau Claire since 2015 and with years of experience in broadcast journalism, Danielle knew since second grade she wanted to work in local news. Katie Couric, also a Girl Scout Alum, was one of her biggest inspirations. Danielle was a Girl Scout 1989-1999 and has fond memories of Camp Little Cloud and having her mother serve as her troop leader. Another passion of Danielle’s is the promotion of pet adoption and spending time with her six rescue dogs (Teddy, Missy, Pippy, Alffy, Benny & Winny). 

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Danielle's Full Biography

Danielle Wagner is an evening anchor at WEAU 13 News in Eau Claire. She anchors the 5, 6, and 10 p.m. newscasts each weekday. She has worked at WEAU since June 2015. She grew up in Oelwein, which is a small town in Iowa. Danielle graduated from the University of Iowa in 2005 with a degree in journalism and history.

Danielle knew since second grade she wanted to work in local news. Her broadcast journalism career began 17 years ago at KTVO as a bureau reporter in Ottumwa, Iowa. Danielle then joined KWWL in Waterloo, Iowa where she worked as a reporter and weekend morning anchor.

One of Danielle's passions is pets, which was inspired by her beloved dog Cubbie. He passed away in 2018 from a heart tumor.

Danielle currently has six rescue dogs of her own, and she promotes pet adoption with a weekly segment airing on WEAU since October 2018.

Each Thursday, "Wagner Tails" features adoptable pets from 10 pet shelters and rescues across western Wisconsin. As much as Danielle would like to adopt them all, she knows she can't, and this is her way of helping as many pets as possible find their forever homes. The segment was honored in 2021 by the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association for its community impact.

When she isn’t working, Danielle is spending time with her six rescue dogs (Teddy, Missy, Pippy, Alffy, Benny & Winny). She also loves being an aunt to her two nephews and one niece, including buying them matching outfits.

She also enjoys reading, binge-watching TV shows and she does way too much online shopping. In her defense, a lot of the items she buys benefit rescue pets, so it's hard to say no.

Girl Scout Alum Questionnaire

1. What years were you a Girl Scout? 1989 - 1999

2. What was your camp name? I attended Camp Little Cloud, and my nickname was Playful Otter because I was a swimmer, and I loved being in the pool.

3. What was your favorite badge you earned as a Girl Scout and why? The Pets Badge was my favorite because I remember earning it while taking care of my guinea pig named Snow White.

4. Who is your forever Girl Scout friend or leader? My mom was my troop leader, so I better pick her! She teamed up with our next door neighbor to be co-leaders of our Girl Scout Troop. Her daughter was my same age. I remember I felt so proud to have my mom as the troop leader. Looking back, I’m so grateful my mom was involved with me. I remember the pinning ceremonies, and how special it felt to have my mom doing the pinning for me and everyone else. She was always extremely involved in the community where we lived, and seeing her example is part of the reason why I strive to be involved in my local community as well.

5. How would you prefer to spend a free summer afternoon? When I was a kid, I always wanted to be outside. Whether that was at the pool or playing on the monkey bars in my backyard. As an adult, I love sitting outside in my backyard in a lawn chair, reading a book and watching my dogs run around the yard.

6.    What is your favorite comfort treat? Anything sweet. Cookies, cheesecake, Blizzards from DQ, apple pies from McDonald’s

7. What is your beverage of choice? Iced coffee

8. What woman in the public eye inspires you the most? Katie Couric. Growing up, I always wanted to follow in her journalism footsteps. I love how she was a great anchor, but she also highlighted causes important to her. I also strive to use my job to bring attention to my passion – pet adoption with my weekly Wagner Tails segment. She was a Girl Scout alum.

9. What are your three favorite colors? Purple, lavender, light blue

10. You can't live without your: dogs and television.

11. What is your favorite Girl Scout Cookie? Caramel deLites



Lynn Moon

Lynn Moon (aka Moon Unit), Marquette Service Center

As a retired Attorney and RN who practiced Insurance Defense Law, Lynn now devotes her skills to both the wonders of travel and importance of volunteerism. Lynn has served on numerous Boards, including the GSNWGL Board, in which she supported with the Council merger in 2007-2008. A mother of a Gold Award recipient and volunteer leader of extreme adventure units, Lynn is a big proponent of getting girls into the woods to learn survival skills and empowering them to believe in themselves.

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Lynn's Full Biography

Lynn was born in Cadillac, Michigan, and has lived in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula since 1980. She is a retired attorney and RN who practiced insurance defense law. Lynn has always had a sense of service and has used her skills to promote youth development and health with a long history of participating in and leading a number of nonprofit organization boards including GSNWGL, Michigan State Medical Society Alliance, Alliance Health Education Initiative, Blue Cross/Blue Shield Community Advisory Committee, Michigan Bar Association and Marquette General Hospital Volunteers. She was the president of Peninsula Waters Girl Scout Council for seven years and assisted with the council merger in 2007-2008.

In her retirement the past 15 years, Lynn has traveled extensively and enjoys learning about other cultures and meeting people. Her memorable trips include hiking to Mt. Everest base camp, Machu Pichu, the Grand Canyon and the Milford Track in New Zealand. The most unique place she has visited is the Galapagos Islands. Her favorite national parks are Yosemite and Yellowstone. Loving nature and the outdoors, Lynn had volunteered at Summerthing Camp for the past 25 years, leading extreme adventure units. She has been a big proponent of getting girls into the woods and learning survival skills and loves sharing her knowledge with a new generation of girls and empowering them to believe in themselves. She most enjoys hiking, camping, backpacking, and kayaking and is an avid reader, belonging to two book clubs.

Lynn is married to Don Snowdon, a retired emergency physician, and makes her home in Marquette. She is the proud mother of a Gold Award Girl Scout, Lissa, and her sister, Vanessa, and a very fun grandmother to Andy and Eric.

Girl Scout Alum Questionnaire

1. What years were you a Girl Scout? 1964 – 1975 as girl; 1992 – 2021 as adult

2. Were you a Camp Counselor and what was your name? Camp Counselor since 1992 – present, MoonUnit

3. What was your favorite badge you earned as a Girl Scout and why?  Outdoor cooking badge was my favorite. I enjoy camping and liked learning different cooking methods.

4. Who is your forever Girl Scout friend or leader?  Mrs. Stone, Junior Leader. She was so much fun, but very organized and kept us on task.  She related well to all the girls and took us on a memorable canoe/camping trip in 6 grade.

5. How would you prefer to spend a free summer afternoon? On the trail with friends or my husband.  I love to hike, camp, and backpack.

6. What is your favorite comfort treat?  Chocolate

7. What is your beverage of choice?  Diet Coke!

8. What woman in the public eye inspires you the most?  Ruth Bader Ginsburg

9. What are your three favorite colors?  Blue, turquoise, and periwinkle

10. You can't live without your Ziplock bags

11. What is your favorite Girl Scout Cookie? Thin Mints



Nicole Lipowski

Nicole Lipowski (aka Pepita), Schofield Center

Known as a mover and shaker in the Wausau nonprofit community, Nicole holds volunteer leadership roles with the Girl Scouts, the Center for the Visual Arts, and Impact 100 of Greater Wausau. Nicole greatly enjoyed Girl Scouting as a girl and today she continues that legacy of courage, confidence, and fun by leading her daughter’s troop (her daughter sold 673 boxes of cookies in 2021 with a special focus on supporting veterans!). An artist and teacher at her core, Nicole also shapes young minds as a substitute teacher.

Donate in honor of Nicole’s promise to help Girl Scouts make the world a better place. 

Nicole's Full Biography

My name is Nicole Lipowski and I am a lifetime Girl Scout! I grew up in Glenview, IL (a suburb of Chicago) in the 80s. I started as a Brownie in 1st grade (1981) and was part of a troop until 8th grade (1989). We were a very active troop growing up. We went on camping retreats and did a lot of crafts. One of my favorite memories was the annual Father Daughter Square Dance! What fun to Do-Si-Do with our dads! I went to Camp Windego in Wild Rose, WI, and loved every minute of it! Camp with my friend Corrie is an especially fond memory. I have so many fun memories of Girl Scouts and am continuing to make more as a leader for my daughter’s troop!

Girl Scouts made me a more well-rounded individual and gave me tools in a number of different areas like leadership and problem solving. We learned sales (Girl Scout cookies kind- of sell themselves) and money management. The outdoor survival techniques I learned as a girl I am now teaching my kids. The creative thinking skills I use today started when I was a Girl Scout.

I went to the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point and majored in Health Promotion/Wellness and minored in Psychology. I moved to Wausau after I married my husband, Steve. We have lived in Wausau for 20 years and have two kids, AJ and Natalie. I am involved in many community organizations and boards including the Center for the Visual Arts, Impact100 Greater Wausau, Boys & Girls Club, Girl Scouts, and PEO. I substitute teach K-12 as well as teach art. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling domestically and internationally, art, spending time outdoors especially hiking and gardening, scavenger hunts, and reading. 

Girl Scout Alum Questionnaire
  1. What years were you a Girl Scout? I was a Girl Scout from 1981-1989.  First-Eighth grade.
  2. Were you a Camp Counselor and what was your name? I was not a camp counselor at Girl Scout Camp but I was a camp counselor and art director at Camp Woodland in Sugar Camp, WI in 1995.  One of my best summers ever.  I was a day camp counselor in 1994 and I went by Dietz.  That was my dad’s nickname in college because our last name is Dietrich.  The kids figured out all the other counselors’ real names except mine- we never slipped! I may pick Pepita (pumpkin seed in Spanish) now because that was my dad’s nickname for me and eventually turned into my business name (My Pepita’s Magic). 
  3. What was your favorite badge you earned as a Girl Scout and why? I think my favorite badges were probably needlepoint and babysitting.  Those are the ones I remember anyway!  I babysat a lot from age 9 on and always liked being with kids.  I remember making needlepoint coasters from that plastic netting and white and red yarn and the four spelled out LOVE.  I wonder if my parents still have those… ;)
  4. Who is your forever Girl Scout friend or leader? My forever Girl Scout friend is Corrie Peters (now Carp)!  We lived down the street from each other growing up so it was just a short two block ride on my bike to hang out with her.  Her mom, Joann, was our leader.  We were always together- coming up with creative games or building forts outside- and being in Girl Scouts solidified our friendship.  We went to Girl Scout camp together and slept in platform tents.  I think we always went the same week because we had “Christmas in July” and put our longest sock out (it was the 80s- we wore knee socks!) and they would put an orange and unsalted peanuts in them.  We just had a blast together!  I’m still her Wisconsin cookie connection!  I just mailed her some cookies yesterday because she couldn’t get Tagalongs (Peanut Butter Patties) in Illinois and she needed a fix!
  5. How would you prefer to spend a free summer afternoon? Probably hiking!
  6. What is your favorite comfort treat? A campfire. All warm and toasty next to one making some s’mores.
  7. What is your beverage of choice? I am an herbal tea drinker.  No caffeine for me!  Chamomile or peach are my favorite.
  8. What woman in the public eye inspires you the most? Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a woman I admire from the public eye.  She may not have been a Girl Scout but she SHOULD be an honorary one! She broke barriers for women and wasn’t afraid of making waves and changing the judicial way for women.  She was fierce and beautiful.  She epitomized if you don’t like it- change it!
  9. What are your three favorite colors? Turquoise, indigo and fuchsia but I really love all colors. 
  10.  You can't live without your kindle- endless supply of books!
  11. What is your favorite Girl Scout Cookie? Shortbread/Trefoil- I’m old school.  You can’t go wrong when butter is the main ingredient!



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