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Plans are underway for an amazing new Girl Scout year!

Keep her engaged and inspired in challenging times. Renew When You're Ready.

Renew now, and be all set for S’more Great Adventures!

If you are looking ahead to next school year with uncertainty, never fear!  No matter what the situation, Girl Scouting is going to offer great experiences for girls this fall.

  • If you and your troop families want to have in-person troop meetings, we’ll have ideas for you about how to keep everyone safe and having fun.
  • If you choose to hold your meetings virtually, we’ll have ready-made virtual troop meeting slide decks you can use.
  • We’ll be expanding our popular eTroop to twice a month! if you aren’t meeting with your troop, you can encourage your girls to participate through eTroop so they have a fun, regular troop option until your troop starts. If you are meeting with your troop, they can even choose to do both, and have twice the Girl Scout fun!
  • We’re creating council events that will be available to members only. Girls can learn from experts, earn badges, and interact with each other in our unique Girl Scout environment.
  • We’ll have monthly national community service projects where girls can join Girl Scouts from around the world in making a difference. From making masks to writing to senior citizens, girls will love making a difference in the world.
  • We’ll have troop leader meetings and trainings available for you online. We’ll bring you everything you need to be a successful troop leader- in a safe way.

We appreciate our members and want you to come back next year! There are SO many reasons to renew now including a FREE S’more Great Adventure’s T-shirt for girls and adult volunteers who renew by June 30, 2020! Check out these extra reasons to renew now!

  • We added a button to the online registration process so parents can simply click to request full financial aid. If you are a leader registering your troop, and you have families who have requested financial assistance, just send an email to with the girl’s name. We’ll take care of  completing the payment portion to eliminate the need to pass paper forms during this social distancing period.
  • We’re throwing an online party just for girls who register for next year!  We’ll have fun games, giveaways, and even a celebrity guest! Register now, and watch for your invitation in August!
  • We want to recognize that it was harder to sell cookies this year under these circumstances and help troops out! We’re changing the cookie number to reach the membership incentive from 185 to 150. All girls who sold 150 packages will receive the free 2020-2021 membership this year. Once again, leaders should renew their troop members by June 30, and a refund will be issued in August.
  • All girls who renew by June 30 will still receive their free S’more Great Adventures patch!
  • And finally, as a special thank you gift to our members for continuing your Girl Scout experience during these challenging times, we are now offering FREE S’more Great Adventure T-shirts to all Girl members and active adult volunteers who renew for 2020-2021 by 6/30/20. We truly appreciate all you do to make Girl Scouts great!
    • Go to to request shirts, and follow the steps listed below:
    • If possible, please fill out the T-shirt request for their entire troop at one time: Please make sure all members have been renewed for 2020-2021 before you request a T-shirt for them.
    • If you are not in a troop, Parents or Adult Members may complete the form for their own household. (If you are in a troop, please make sure your leader is not requesting one for you before doing it yourself.)
    • Members must renew their membership for next year AND request a T-shirt via this form by June 30 to receive the free T-shirt. You will not automatically receive a T-shirt by renewing your membership, as this form must be completed to gather size information.
    • Lifetime members are eligible for this offer as long as they are an active GSNWGL volunteer.
    • T-shirts will be distributed to troop leaders at local drop off events this fall. For individual members, pick up arrangements will be made
    • If you already requested T-shirts for girls or adults using the $5.00 payment option or free leader shirts incentive form, you do not need to request again. We will refund any paid orders and move the requests into the new system.