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110 Reasons to Give

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On behalf our 2022 Community Champions who are leading us in celebration of 110 years of Girl Scouting, please join us in our efforts to help girls grow and bloom into the best version of themselves.
Now, more than ever, girls need your guidance and inspiration.
Need an additional reason to give? To commemorate our 110 year milestone, here are 110!

1. The world needs more Girl Scouts! Your support helps ensure every girl - regardless of background, geography, or financial situation, has access to programming that develops life skills and powers their potential to make a tangible, positive difference.

2. Girl Scouts are courageous. Two girls from GSNWGL earned lifesaving awards in 2022; Johanna of Stevens Point earned the Medal of Honor, and Alena of Bloomer earned the Bronze Cross Lifesaving Award.

3. Girl Scouts live by the three responsibilities of the Girl Scout Promise: To serve God and my country, to help people at all times, and to live by the Girl Scout Law.

4. Girl Scouts focuses on four core pillars—STEM, Outdoors, Life Skills, and Entrepreneurship.

5. Research shows that Girl Scouts fare better than non-Girl Scouts across all age levels concerning five leadership outcomes. Girl Scouts helps girls develop a strong sense of self, display positive values, seek challenges and learn from setbacks, form and maintain healthy relationships, and identify and solve problems in their community.

6. The six grade levels of Girl Scouts provide leadership and exploration opportunities for Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador Girl Scouts.

7. A GSNWGL Staff Member shared, "I get a kick out of learning new acronyms such as SWAPS "Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere.'"

8. Girl Scouts are fierce future leaders, working to close the gender gap within the STEM field, noticeable by age eight. Girls and boys do not differ in their science and math abilities but their interest and confidence in STEM subjects.

9. Nine delicious cookies help Girl Scouts build essential skills as they begin to think like entrepreneurs— Thin Mints, Peanut Butter Sandwiches, Caramel Chocolate Chip, Shortbread, Peanut Butter Patties, Toast-Yay!, Lemonades, Caramel deLites, and the brand new for 2022—Adventurefuls!

10. Your generosity brings dreams to life! A Cadette Girl Scout from GSNWGL recently saw her idea for an experiment launch into space in the "Making Space for Girls Challenge." We can help all girls reach for the stars with donations like yours.

11. A Girl Scout parent said, "A week at camp is priceless for girls AND the parents!"

12. Girl Scouts' birthday, March 12, commemorates the day in 1912 when Juliette Gordon Low registered the organization's first members in Savannah, Georgia.

13. In 2021, 113 Daisy-Junior Girl Scouts joined "LEGO Master Star" Jessica Ewud. Girls were encouraged to "Think Like an Engineer" and given a creative challenge to use whatever resources they had available to build a machine that combats water pollution and makes the world a better place.

14. 14 GSNWGL volunteers earned the Appreciation Pin in 2022!

15. A Girl Scout Alum proudly stated, "I now know the proper and safe way to build and maintain a fire, so I don't burn myself when I make and my SMORES."

16. 16 GSNWGL girls are traveling to Panama this summer!

17. 17 GSNWGL board members serve to ensure we are building girls of courage, confidence, and character.

18. The Girl Scouts grew from 18 original members in 1912 to 2.5 million strong today! Additionally, of 112 councils, GSNWGL was 18th in girl retention.

19. Your gift fuels countless giggles girls share with their fellow troop members! Girls build a support squad that boosts moods and gets them soaring above peer pressure or challenging times in school.

20. Girl Scouts learn collaboration skills. In 2022, Cadette Troop #6149 from Almond, WI, worked together to design, cut, sand, prime, paint, and varnish more than 20 directional signs for a disc golf course. Their project also included an informational pamphlet about disc golf that they meticulously researched, wrote, and designed.

21. Gold Award Girl Scout alums report that the Gold Award process helped them develop essential twenty-first-century employment skills, boosting their academic and professional lives. GSNWGL's 21 Gold Award mentors help empower girls to bloom into their best selves.

22. Each year, on February 22, Girl Scouts do activities promoting global improvement and celebrating international friendships—in honor of World Thinking Day.

23. GSNWGL partners with 23 United Ways throughout Northern Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

24. Over 2,400 Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador members were part of GSNWGL's movement in 2021.

25. During the pandemic and potential economic collapse, many girls watched women take on extra responsibilities, juggling caretaking and work. Although these efforts model to girls how resilient women are in times of crisis, we shouldn't live in a world where girls grow up believing they must do more to be considered equal. Girl Scouts have committed themselves to change that mindset.

26. 2,600 Junior Girl Scouts invested in a girl-led future in 2021.

27. A GSNWGL Staff Member shared, "27 is the number of years that I have been friends with my bestie that I met in Girl Scouts!"

28. Your gift helps Girl Scouts earn up to 28 new badges as they explore their world!

29. More than 2,900 volunteers give their time and talent to provide the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

30. $30 will pay for a membership, opening a world of possibilities for girls to build friendships, learn about the world, and take action.

31. October 31 is Founder's Day, celebrating the trailblazing Juliette Gordon Low.

32. Girls Scouts care for the people in their communities. For example, Girl Scout Troop #3207 in Durand, WI, supported a family when their mom passed away unexpectedly and left behind her husband and three children. They collected 4,800 wipes and 1,848 diapers to give to the family!

33. Gold Award Girl Scouts are 3x more likely to volunteer for and donate to multiple causes than non-alums.

34. Your donation can help a Girl Scout find adventure! From exploring local parks to trekking through the woods—Girl Scouts find plenty of ways to push past what they thought were limits and let their inner explorers run free.

35. 1,135 area schools partner with GSNWGL to provide education to girls inside and outside of the classroom!

36. A Girl Scout parent stated, "Even after my girls graduate high school, I know the Girl Scout mission will live on and continue to build leaders and changemakers."

37. 1,437 Lifetime Members will forever remain a part of the GSNWGL family!

38. Gold Award Girl Scouts are more likely to earn a graduate degree than non-alums (38% versus 12% non-alums).

39. Girl Scouts are on the go for good! Whether they're welcoming new Girl Scouts into their troop, meeting with local leaders through service projects, or traveling the world through Girl Scout Destinations, they're expanding their networks, growing their social skills, and gaining new perspectives.

40. 10,840 girl members helped make the world a better place in 2021!

41. A Girl Scout alum joked, "I've had so much practice with crafts that I no longer have to fake my artistic ability!"

42. 42 council delegates proudly represent the GSNWGL council.

43. Girl Scouts of all ages give back on local and global levels in big and small ways. In 2021, Girl Scout Seniors of Troop #4344 in DePere, WI, completed a national community service project by creating handmade Valentine cards for a nursing home in their community.

44. Your gift provides Girl Scouts with incredible experiences! Troops #5344 and #5222 from Iron River, MI, were selling cookies at their local Ace Hardware when a special visitor stopped by to purchase cookies. Who? Olympic Gold Medalist, Nick Baumgartner! He just returned home to Iron River and made sure to get his cookies and support his local Girl Scouts.

45. More than 45% of Girl Scout Alums embody a higher level of courage—they show resilience when learning from failure and setbacks, take on challenges, are ambitious, and aren't afraid to take risks.

46. Girl Scouts learn to be advocates for causes they care about. For example, Adalyn Haynes and Ivy Snow, both Juniors in Troop 2046, completed a Bronze Award project about the wage gap for women in 2021. Their research and work sparked an interest and response from Mark Gallagher, 8th District of Wisconsin Congressman.

47. 47 Daisies safely connected in-person to make mermaid slime and play games during the cold months of 2022!

48. A Girl Scout Alum shared, "Because where else would you learn to cook in a box oven, make cupcakes and hotdogs in that box oven while ice skating, and eat burnt cupcakes because you forgot to watch them closely while everyone was too busy skating?"

49. Girls still face health, academic, social, and financial challenges as we begin to move forward from the pandemic. Girls must continue learning and growing. Through Girl Scout programs, girls learn social-emotional skills that encourage them to team up with others to identify problems, develop creative solutions, create and implement plans, and celebrate their shared accomplishments.

50. More than 50 million American homes wind up with at least one box of Girl Scout cookies every year. Each package gives Girl Scouts a hands-on lesson in real-world entrepreneurship.

51. Over 50 million Girl Scout alums can't be wrong when they tell you that girls, young and old, need the support provided through Girl Scouts.

52. Last year GSNWGL Girl Scouts sold 26,052 packages of cookies.

53. 53% of current female delegates and representatives in the House of Representatives are Girl Scout Alums.

54. A Girl Scout alum stated, "I know more about the USA flag and flag etiquette through Girl Scouts, and now know more than the average person knows about our flag!"

55. In 2021, GSNWGL registered 755 individual girls for camp. They could choose their own adventure and team up with other girls to choose exciting hands-on activities that interest them most.

56. 56% of women serving in the 117th Congress are Girl Scout Alums.

57. Girl Scouts are forever curious. Nearly 3,000 council staff from all over the country participated in the 2022 GSUSA Summit. GSNWGL got a shout-out for our "2021 Dive into Daisies" project. We were celebrated for being innovative during the pandemic for bringing science kits to schools with membership messages tucked inside.

58. 58 counties in Northwestern Wisconsin & Michigan's Upper Peninsula serve Girl Scouts.

59. 59% of girls want to be a future leader in advocacy, public service, or as an elected official. What's more? 59 million American women alive today participated in Girl Scouts growing up.

60. 60% of Girl Scouts develop and maintain healthy relationships by communicating their feelings and resolving conflicts constructively compared with 43% of non-Girl Scouts.

61. 61% of young women intend to vote in the next election and discuss social issues and politics with their families.

62. 6,200+ girls sold cookies last year!

63. Girl Scouts is where countless life-long friendships begin.

64. GSNWGL achieved a 64% retention rate for girl membership in 2021.

65. 5,065 individuals used GSNWGL properties in 2021.

66. Girl Scouts exhibit higher confidence. Alums report that they accomplish what they set out to do and are assured in their abilities (66% compared to 53%).

67. One parent said, "My daughter attended camp at Camp Birch Trails weeks after surgery, in a wheelchair. The staff was AMAZING! She never felt out of place and was included in everything. She had so much fun that she wants to be a camp counselor in college."

68. 68% of Girl Scout Alums assert that Girl Scouts has positively impacted their lives.

69. 69 Girl Scouts received Silver Awards in 2021. And 69% of girls reported that because of Girl Scouts, they are doing things they can't do in other places.

70. In the last Voices Count survey, 70% of girls reported that their troop leader helps them think about their futures.

71. Girl Scouts become future leaders. 71% of female U.S. senators were Girl Scouts.

72. 1,476,372 boxes of cookies were sold by GSNWGL girls last year! Girl Scout cookies continue to be in high demand. One Girl Scout champion stated, "I don't know if I could survive without my yearly Girl Scout cookie treats!"

73. 73% of Gold Award Girl Scouts volunteer for multiple causes, versus 20% of non-alums.

74. Girl Scout alums say they lead purposeful and meaningful lives, showcasing higher character levels. They are honest and trustworthy, stand up for their beliefs and values, and actively contribute to others' well-being (74% compared to 62% showed positive values).

75. 75% of parents reported that Girl Scouts was a source of comfort for their girls during a challenging year of COVID.

76. Girl Scouts are forces of nature. In the last Voices Count survey, 76% of Girls Scouts participate in outdoor activities compared to 43% of non-Girl Scouts.

77. 77% of Girl Scouts say they are considering a career in technology because of their experience in learning in an all-girl environment.

78. Girl Scout Alums attain higher levels of education than other women (78% compared to 65% attended at least some college).

79. 79% of Girl Scouts say they stand up for their beliefs and values.

80. 80% of Girl Scouts have confidence in themselves and their abilities and are happy with who they are as a person, compared with 68% of non-Girl Scouts.

81. A Girl Scout champion stated, "Whenever I see a bridge while traveling, I always envision Girl Scouts walking that bridge to their next level and ask…would that be a good bridge for a Bridging Ceremony?"

82. 82% of Girl Scout Alum want to impact society through their work positively, and nearly all want a future workplace where employees are treated fairly and paid equally, regardless of gender.

83. Join the Promise Circle and become part of a distinguished group of partners that invest in the future of Girl Scouts. Make a one-time gift of $1,000 or an ongoing monthly donation of $83.

84. Girl Scout alums say they "bring people together to get things done," and 84% hold leadership roles as adults.

85. A Girl Scout champion stated, "I'll never forget how loud my troop sang camp songs at camp. We still remember all the words to our favorite songs!"

86. According to the 2021 spring Voices Count survey, 86% of volunteers intended to stay with Girl Scouts to volunteer another year. That's incredible!

87. Girl Scouts gives girls a safe space to take risks, fail, and try again. Your generosity helps us prepare girls to be unapologetically ambitious.

88. Girl Scouts in Troop #3188 from Mondovi, WI, worked on Launchpad Mission to the Moon, a STEM curriculum from NASA. In addition to their school studies, the girls presented what they learned at a Girl Scout Space Science Badge event. They explained the nine "missions" they learned in school and then led the group through mission #2, building a roller coaster to learn about potential and kinetic energy.

89. In the Voices Count survey, 89% of girls reported their troop leader makes them feel like part of the group.

90. Girl Scouts are compassionate. Ava Schoonfeld crushed her sales last March and decided to give back. She said, "I will get an American Girl Doll in 2021 and give it to someone who can't afford one or a little girl in the hospital who had a tough year."

91. In the Voices Count survey, 91% of girls reported their Troop Leader cares about them as an individual.

92. Girls at home and abroad participate in troops and groups in over 92 countries through USA Girl Scouts Overseas.

93. Success for girls is success for everyone! Help Girl Scouts power their potential and develop their skills to make a tangible, positive difference.

94. In 2022, we're on a mission to raise $940,000 (and counting!) so our girls, kindergarten through high school, can participate in programs that form the foundation for a lifetime of growth in every aspect of our girls' lives.

95. In the Voices Count survey, 95% of girls reported that their Girl Scout leader makes them feel safe.

96. Because getting outside has become even more crucial to girls' health, we've built on our long history of striving to ensure every Girl Scout who wants to enjoy nature can.

97. A Girl Scout Alum shared, "Girl Scouts travel to places that I only dreamed of as a kid. And they do it safely and confidently! That's why I give."

98. Girl Scouts is an increasingly diverse organization. This movement stands for respect, equality, inclusion, and justice. Girl Scouts empowers ALL girls—in every community, from every background and every ability, and in every economic circumstance—to create the change they want to see in the world.

99. 99% of Gold Award Girl Scouts take on leadership roles in their everyday lives, and seven in ten have taken on three or more.

100. $100 could outfit ten girls with their official Girl Scout sashes to proudly display their hard-earned badges.

101. More than 101 Girl Scout councils offer girls the opportunity for membership across the United States.

102. On average, Girl Scouts are twice as likely to be involved in entrepreneurial activities than other girls.

103. Whether finishing a school project, making a new friend or speaking up for what's right, a Girl Scout faces the world with confidence and optimism.

104. 104 Girl Scouts received Bronze Awards in 2021.

105. A Girl Scout Alum stated, "Now I realize as an adult why my favorite color has always been GREEN!"

106. When you donate to GSNWGL, your dollars are used in meaningful ways by offering girls the tools she needs to meet today's problems with bold solutions and create a brighter tomorrow.

107. Through Girl Scouts, girls are learning how to effectively raise their voices for our democracy, whether they're advocating for social justice, environmental protection, or any other topic they feel is critically important.

108. Girl Scouts have an entrepreneurial spirit! She's not just selling a box of Thin Mints; she's gaining the confidence to pitch the first investor in her small business.

109. A GSNWGL Staff Member shared, "Girl Scouts gives girls amazing experiences even if one such experience goes wrong. A rainy camping trip, leaking tents, sleeping in the car, smelly feet, wet everything, chocolate cake cooked under an umbrella—now a trip talked about for years and has become one of our best memories."

110. For 110 years, Girl Scouts have demonstrated resilience, learned the skills, embraced the experiences, and cultivated the sisterhood that helps them impact their communities today and accomplish big things tomorrow. Your investment in Girl Scouts is an investment in our community, country, and future.

Every donation will help Girl Scouts explore freely, expand their perspectives, discover the unimaginable, and bloom into their best selves. Help girls discover their untapped potential and plant the seeds of courage, confidence, and character with a donation today.