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Choosing a Camp Name

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What’s in a name?

One exciting tradition at Girl Scout camp is the “camp name”. Camp names go to all staff, interns, and counselors-in-training and are a way of identifying and showing a wide variety of personalities and interests.

The best part about camp names is that you get to pick your own! All camp names are unique, just like the people they identify!

We recently did a roll call on our Facebook page to learn more about why this variety of fun, magical camp names were chosen! Every one of the comments included a unique name and story.

Here are some of our favorites, and where they originated from. Use this list to help you choose your very own camp name, if you don’t have one yet!

A favorite thing.

It could be a favorite color, food, place, character…anything goes! Some examples of camp names that were chosen for this reason are: Lilac, Sapphire, Rainbow, M&M, Ladybug, Keroppi.

Role at camp.

Choosing a name related to your role help you to be identified by Girl Scouts attending camp, not to mention, it lets you get fun and creative in your role. Some names that were chosen this way include Pi, Shops, Scrubs, and Skillet. Can you guess which roles these names reflect?

A quality.

Smiles, Trouble, and Blueberry are all examples of this reason. Whether a personality trait or something physical, this is a way to celebrate your proudest and most unique qualities.

A play on real name or a nickname.

Switch up the letters in your name, combine your names, go by your middle name, use a nickname you’ve always had, or any other play on words you can come up with that’s related is a great way to identify at camp! Some names using this concept are Mack, Baters, and Beans.

Letting someone else choose.

When coming up with a camp name is a struggle, you can turn to others to help! Some names that have been chosen by others are Stretch, Alfalfa, Woody, and Messy Hamburger!

Something completely random!

Just like you, your camp name is unique, and maybe a little random. So, let it be!

Now, you have what it takes to choose your very own camp name! Have fun and get creative.