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GSNWGL Blog: Cookie Incentives & Bonus Booths!

In case you missed it or needed a reminder: Because of the delays and shortages we faced this year, the Girl Scout Cookie Program has been extended through April 10, giving an additional week for cookie deliveries, walkabouts, and a bonus weekend of booth sale opportunities. Woo hoo! It's time to get excited for another weekend of cookie fun and crushing cookie goals. 

An extended week of cookie sales means a BONUS WEEKEND for you to host a cookie booth. We want to help you be successful with your booth sale! Check out these resources to make your booth the best it can be:

And guess what? There are fun things coming to keep you excited about sales going through April 10!

  • From April 1 to April 10, any troop that picks up at least 10 cases of cookies at a cookie cupboard will be entered in a drawing to win a free weekend rental at a GSNWGL property.
  • All troops who hold a booth sale on April 8, 9, or 10 and enter it into Smart Cookies will be entered into a drawing to double their bonus booth sale profits! (Maximum of 450 boxes)
  • Staff members from our council may visit your cookie booth and give you a fun "Blue Ribbon Booth" patch to wear proudly. 
  • Bling Your Booth will extend another week to accomodate the extended cookie sale. Submit a photo of your booth and a brief description, and each week, two photos will be chosen and posted on GSNWGL’s Facebook page. Voters will determine a $100 winner! 

The last few years have made us resilient and this year is no different. Thank you for all you have done to make the 2022 Girl Scout Cookie Program a success so far! Let's finish strong, Girl Scouts.