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Wilderness Trips

If you are craving a challenging, high-adventure experience where you’ll be called on to make important decisions, navigate your path, and lead others, then a GSNWGL Wilderness Trip is the experience you have been looking for.

Our Wilderness Trips are about adventure, fun, excitement, and freedom. They allow you to explore the beauty of nature, learn valuable wilderness skills, and bond with a group of adventure seekers like yourself. You’ll have stories to tell after exploring Lake Superior’s U.S. shores, traipsing through bogs, marshes, waterfalls, river valleys, and seeing just how bright the stars really are away from civilization. You are ready for this and we’re ready for you.

We offer three types of Wilderness Trips: backpacking, canoeing, and kayaking-each with their own unique progression. On our trips, you’ll build a campfire, learn leave-no-trace camping, and be taught true, wilderness survival skills! Though we cannot offer every level of every program each summer we promise there is something exciting for every girl!

*All wilderness tripping supplies are provided.


Wilderness Trips

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