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Cookie Share Fund

We have joined other businesses and organizations in our efforts to keep employees, members, volunteers, and others healthy and safe and reduce the spread of the virus during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most noticeable to the public is that we had to end our Girl Scouts cookie booth season early to keep our girls safe. This creates challenges for girls to reach individual and troop goals, such as money towards future membership, trips, and other community service projects.

While the Girl Scout Cookie Program has been extended for our members, the reality is our new world doesn’t allow for the cookie program to go on as it has for 100 years with girls going door-to-door and holding cookie booths in local stores, greeting customers with a warm smile. Our girls and volunteers have thousands of boxes of cookies to sell or donate, or ultimately bring back to GSNWGL. The Cookie Program funds programs and services for our members, so having unsold cookies means there will be a severe financial impact for everyone.

We are seeking community support from friends and business partners to underwrite the cost of the remaining Girl Scout cookie inventory that will be donated in local communities. Girl Scout troops will be selling virtually as they are able and Girl Scouts of the Northwestern Great Lakes will donate the remaining cookies to local organizations helping feed kids, veterans, health care providers, or food pantries. Please support the Cookie Share Fund today!

The futures of our Girl Scouts' experiences are our main focus; the Cookie Share Fund supports virtual programming, support to leaders and parents, property improvements, future programming of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, and scholarships for low-income Girl Scouts.

Want to buy cookies to enjoy? You can do that too!
Contact us at or 888.747.6945

Here is how your support will impact Girl Scouts directly

 $60 - one case of cookies donated to our hometown heroes, provides a scholarship to a girl for membership, uniform, and troop dues.

 $120 - two cases of cookies donated to our hometown heroes, provides mailed resources to one girl who does not have access to our virtual programming right now

 $300 - five cases of cookies donated to our hometown heroes, provide the necessary training to onboard new troop leaders in fall 2020 and equip them with the skills to lead a Girl Scout troop.

 $600 - ten cases of cookies donated to our hometown heroes, provides six girls with hygiene kits, basic crafting materials, positive affirmation curriculum pieces that girls can explore individually, as well as books and snacks.

  $1,000 - 16 cases of cookies donated to our hometown heroes, covers financial assistance for an entire troop of girls and makes you a Girl Scout Promise Circle member

 $2,520 - 42 cases of cookies donated to our hometown heroes, funds continued virtual programming throughout the summer, or a six-week outreach program for 12 girls this fall. 

 $5,100 - 85 cases of cookies donated to our hometown heroes, covers camp maintenance and improvement projects like AED units, roof repairs, trail improvements, and painting.

Thank you for being a supporter we can count on when girls need you the most!