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Fall Product Program

The Fall Product Sale is a Council-sponsored program that combines educational activities with money earning opportunities for troops. Our Fall Production Program is directed toward family and friends – those closest to Girl Scouting and enables troops to earn startup money by selling magazine subscriptions as well as nuts and chocolate.

Thank you for your support of the girls, troops and the Council by purchasing or participating in our Fall Product Program!

How it Works

There are two ways for troops to earn proceeds:


Selling Magazines and More

- Customers order and pay for magazines online.
- Magazines will arrive in 4 to 6 weeks.
- "an More" items online including candles, tumblers, and greeting cards.


Selling Nuts & Chocolate

-Girls can take orders via a nut order card
-Customers can order from the online nut and chocolate store.
-When the girls send emails there will be a link to both the Magazines and Nuts and Candy. Customers can purchase online and have the items directly shipped to them. Nuts and candy are paid for by credit card and shipped directly to the customer. Customers will incur a shipping fee.


For Fall Product Volunteers

Our Fall Product Program is managed in the UNIFY web-based system by Troop, Service Unit, and volunteers. It is also the system used by the Council to order products as well as rewards. Your Service Area Fall Product Manager will be sure the troop is provided login information. Registered girl’s names will be uploaded prior to the sale start date though newly registered girls can be easily added as they join your troop.

We will have everything you need to facilitate our Fall Product Program!


Troop Fall Product Manager Training Slides

 Guides & Order Card

Order Card

 Forms and Permission Slip

Troop Fall Product Manager Agreement

Girl Permission Form

 Fun Stuff

Fall Product Flyer 

Fall Product Flyer - Cranberry Valley

 Fall Product Calendar