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Brownie eTroop Meeting

Thu Mar 25, 6:00 PM - 6:45 PM
Girl Fee:

Brownies can join us for a fun meeting on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the Month (from 6 pm-6:45 pm) and because it’s eTroop it’s 100% virtual. You’ll be meeting online via ZOOM. Girls will get an email before each session with necessary supplies and what to be prepared for.

Join one session or all! Each month will have a theme and a different badge for each meeting. Pick and choose based on your interest, troop, and/or family needs. Join one session or all! Pick and choose based on your interest, troop, and/or family needs.

Meeting Date Theme Badges Earned

  • Oct 10/8 STEM Automotive 1: Design
  • Oct 10/22 STEM Coding for Good 1: Coding Basics
  • Nov 11/12 Health & Wellness Snacks
  • Nov - none N/A
  • Dec 12/10 Life Skills Household Elf
  • Dec - none N/A
  • Jan 1/14 Entrepreneurship Philanthropist
  • Jan 1/28 Entrepreneurship Budding Entrepreneur
  • Feb 2/11 World Thinking Day - Diversity World Thinking Day
  • Feb 2/25 World Thinking Day- Global Action Badge
  • Mar 3/11 Outdoors/Camp Cabin Camper
  • Mar 3/25 Outdoors/Camp Eco Friend
  • Apr 4/8 Community Service-Earth Day Celebrating Community
  • Apr 4/22 Community Service-Earth Day Give Back
  • May 5/13 Creative Expression Inventor
  • May 5/27 Creative Expression Dancer, Potter, Painting (each girl has to decide where their own passion lies)