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Know someone who would make an amazing Girl Scout?

Invite a friend to join Girl Scouts now through December 10 and you and the friend can get one of these exciting program packages!

How it works

  • Invite your friend.
  • Make sure that your friend becomes a registered Girl Scout.
  • Choose your program package.
  • Attend the awesome program.
  • Have a great Girl Scout year with your friend.

 Check out these invite postcards and this invite flyer!


Our Program Packages

Meet some rescued owls, get all your owl questions answered by an expert, and dissect a real owl pellet in this amazing nature program provided by Houston Audubon!

Saturday, February 26
10-11:30am CST/11am-12:30pm EST

Participants will get an owl pellet, tweezer, and identification chart which will be used in the virtual program, and a fun owl bubble fidget to play with!

Try your skills at cake decorating! Join us for a virtual cupcake decorating class, provided by Pearl’s Custom Baking! She will show you how to use a piping bag to make simple, beautiful floral cupcakes! 

Note: participants will need to prepare their own cupcakes and frosting prior to the start of the program.

Sunday, February 27
2 pm CST/3 pm EST

Participants will get a chef’s hat, a pastry bag set to use in the virtual program, and some sweet bakery-themed water bottle stickers!

Join the staff at the South Carolina Aquarium to meet some amazing ocean animals, then learn how the aquarium staff use art and enrichment to keep their animals happy—and you get to do some art too!

Sunday, February 20
1-2pm CST/2-3pm EST

Participants will receive art supplies to use in the virtual program and a mini reversible mood octopus!