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How many acts of kindness
can you do this month?

Here are some ways to spread kindness this month.

  • Invite someone who is sitting alone at recess to play.
  • Donate outgrown clothing or toys.
  • Give someone a compliment.
  • Make cards for soldiers.
  • Create art for Assisted Living residents.
  • Write a thank you note to your teacher.
  • Write positive messages in sidewalk chalk.
  • Help make dinner for your family.
  • Make dog treats for an animal shelter.
  • Read a younger child a book.
  • Clean up litter in a park or school playground.

Tell us all about your acts of kindness and you'll be entered to win 10 cases of Girl Scout Cookies for your favorite school staff, first responders, or charity. Oh, and a case for you, too!

Open to all kids, grades 4K-12. Entries are due by 12/1/2021.

Are you a girl who wants to go on adventurers, have fun, and help people?

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