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eTroop for Pre-K

Mon Dec 06, 6:00 PM - Mon May 02, 6:30 PM CST
Entrepreneurship, STEM, Outdoor, Life Skills, Creative Arts, Healthy Living

During eTroop meetings you’ll be earning badges! You’ll also get to experience Girl Scout traditions, hands-on activities, interactive games, and get moving. Each month will have two meetings with a common theme.

And because it’s eTroop it’s 100% virtual.
You’ll be meeting online via ZOOM. Join one session or all! Pick and choose based on your interest, troop and/or family needs.

1st & 3rd Monday of the Month  
6-6:30 p.m.
12/6/2021- Life Skills and Community Service

12/20/2021- Life Skills and Community Service

1/3/2022- Entrepreneurship and Friendship Circle

1/17/2022- Entrepreneurship and Friendship Circle 

2/7/2022- World Thining Day, Diversity

2/21/2022- World Thinking Day, Diversity

3/7/2022- Critical Thinking and Girl Scout Week

3/21/2022- Critical Thinking and Girl Scout Week

4/4/2022- Outdoors and SWAPS

4/18/2022- Outdoors and SWAPS

5/2/2022- Creative Expression

5/16/2022- Bridging for all eTroop

- 5/2/2022

*Only 1 meeting in May