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Space Science Badge Day, Rice Lake, WI

Sat Apr 02, 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM CST
Juniors, Brownies, Daisies

Whether you've searched for shooting stars or found shapes in the clouds, you've probably already spent some time looking at the sky. Here's your chance to see the sky in a new way - like a space scientist does.

Venture through the Solar System and beyond with Girl Scouts! Circle the sun, make a 3-D constellation, see if you can fit the whole solar system in your pocket, and meet (and eat!) the phases of the moon. 

Daisies will earn the Space Science Explorer badge.
Brownies will earn the Space Science Adventurer badge.
Juniors will earn the Space Science Investigator badge.

This is an in-person event taking place in Rice Lake, WI.