NEW Outdoor Badges: Be Part of the Change!

Girls ChoiceWe are so excited about the new outdoors badges GSUSA will be rolling out next year! Better yet, they’re giving YOU a say in what the overall theme of these badges will be. The three options are outdoor recreation, outdoor environment, and outdoor survival. Which badges do you want to earn? The poll is open through November 30… take it now and share with your Girl Scout friends so they can vote, too:

An Unforgettable Adventure Awaits!

This June, girls in grades 6–12 will travel by train and bus through the breathtaking sights of Colorado and the American Southwest. We’ll visit the Grand Canyon, swim in hot springs, raft the Colorado River, and tent under the stars in some of our country’s most treasured national parks. ALL girls (of age) are invited to this affordable adventure, chaperoned by experienced travelers, making it a worry-free getaway. PLUS- funding for this trip can be raised through the Girl Scout Cookie Program and other money-earning activities. Learn more at