How to Buy

This year, girls take cookie orders from January 22-March 25, and direct sales at cookie booths and via walkabouts will run from March 5–April 3.

Don’t know a Girl Scout? We can connect you with one! Call our cookie hotline at 800.246.4171, or find a cookie booth on and the iPhone and Android apps.

Get acquainted with our cookies at ABC Bakers, including our gluten free cookies Trios! These sweet treats feature chocolate chips, peanut butter, and certified gluten free whole grain oats. Plan ahead so you know which cookies you need to stock up on by browsing through some great recipes on Pinterest… the Lemonade crunch cheesecake will make you the hit of every potluck!

When you purchase cookies from a Girl Scout, you are helping her build proficiency in five key business and leadership skills she’ll take into adulthood. Help her get the most out of the Girl Scout Cookie Program by checking out these awesome tips.

Digital Cookie!

Digital Cookie is an exciting addition to the Girl Scout Cookie Program’s sales options. By introducing a virtual component to our super successful Cookie Program, cookie purchases are faster and even more convenient for family and friends who live far away. Digital Cookie is an enhancement, not a replacement, for traditional door-to-door and face-to-face cookie sales.  Girls who participate in Digital Cookie will have the opportunity to learn 21st century skills like online marketing, app usage, and e-commerce.

How does Digital Cookie work?
Girls throughout our council will have the opportunity to create their own personal cookie webpages and invite customers via email. Digital Cookie orders are done completely online using a credit or debit card. Once the order is placed cookies will be shipped directly to the customer’s home. Shipping and handling fees will apply.

If you have additional questions about Girl Scout cookies or the Girl Scout Cookie Program, read through this handy FAQ page.