Info for Girls

When you sell Girl Scout cookies, you and your team have fun working together to set goals and pick what you want to do throughout the year, then earn profits, badges, and cool recognitions!

Steps to Success

The first and most important step for a successful Girl Scout Cookie Program is to set goals. How much did you sell last year? Which recognitions would like to earn? There’s no better feeling than reaching a goal and knowing you earned the rewards that are sure to come. Here are some great goal-setting tips and sales tools to help you get started. Recognitions will become available online soon, so check back frequently!

Cookie Dough

As girls sell cookies during Girl Scout Cookie Program, they can accumulate Cookie Dough, which are dollars they can spend in our shops and for programs, Council travel, and camp. 2013 Cookie Dough expires on December 18, 2015, and if your girls are saving for a big program or for camp, they may apply for an extension.

Top Sellers

Grace: 1,662 boxes sold

Top Seller- GraceGrace is the 2013 top seller from our Council. She is an 11 year-old Girl Scout Junior who is confident, outgoing, a quick learner, and always smiling! When she saw that she could earn a laptop by selling Girl Scout cookies, she set her goals high and worked hard to reach them.

One of her secrets to success was returning to customers from the previous year. She recalled a man who visited her cookie booth the year before and told her he could never say no to Girl Scout cookies, so Grace and her mom visited his place of employment and sold cookies to him and his coworkers. This gave Grace the fuel she needed to earn the laptop.

Grace recognizes her mom as being a key player in helping her reach her goals, and points to the teamwork from the eight girls in her troop and the parents who braved the cold elements and worked at cookie booths together.

The troop donated their Cookie Program proceeds to three charities: Fox Valley Emergency Shelter, Fox Valley Humane Association, and the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. The troop is also helping with the American Cancer Society program at their school by placing recycling containers in the school to help raise money and earn their Girl Scout Bronze Award.

Tatum: 1,632 boxes sold

Tatum is an eight year-old Brownie who has been in Girl Scouts for three years. She sold 1,605 boxes during the sale, then had a late order come in after it was over, so she actually sold a total of 1,620 boxes of cookies!

Tatum’s initial goal was to sell 605 boxes of cookies, and when she met that goal, upped it to 1,005 which she blew through in no time. Tatum likes to meet people and dogs when she sells cookies door-to-door. Her mom thinks Tatum knows all the dogs’ personal stories in her neighborhood and has made friends along the way. She sold door-to-door for at least 34 hours, sold at cookie booths for 20 hours, and spent an hour on the phone selling to friends and family. She likes the prizes she can earn selling cookies and also likes to help her troop raise money. She is dreaming of getting her troop to Disney World!

Bryanna: 1,548 boxes sold

BryannaBryanna is a Girl Scout Cadette. Her goal was to earn the Kindle Fire and the laptop. During the door-to-door sale, Bryanna went out of her comfort zone to approach neighbors and practically everyone she knew if they would purchase cookies from her, selling 400 during that initial part of the sale. She then did various traveling cookie booths during the month of March, and looking toward the end of the sale, knew she had to call around and ask to set up cookie booths outside of area businesses so she could meet her goal. “When I set a goal, I will get it,” she said.

Bryanna has been called by many an overachiever and has her very own business making fleece items, such as blankets, scarves, and pillows, to raise money for college. She even landed her first real business account recently!

Mariah: 1,530 boxes sold

MariahMariah is a 16 year-old Girl Scout Ambassador whose goal was to earn the laptop. She had always wanted a laptop and was excited to see it was the top prize for the Cookie Program. Mariah reached her goal by taking cookie orders door-to-door, and realized that there were no Girl Scouts selling cookies in her aunt’s neighborhood, so she sold door-to-door there too. Mariah and her troop also participated in a number of cookie booths, sent emails, and made phone calls asking for cookie orders. Mariah plans to attend the upcoming Girl Scout Grand Canyon trip, using her travel certificate she earned while selling cookies. She sincerely thanks her family and troop for their support throughout the sale.

Aeris: 1,520 boxes sold

Aeris is an eight year-old Brownie who had her eyes on the laptop prize from the very beginning of the Cookie Program. Aeris and her dad went out and sold cookies every night, and even took a leave of absence from karate so she could focus on her sales! She and her dad teamed up: she would formulate a strategy of how long they’d sell and where they would go, and her dad played the role of secretary.

Aside from door-to-door sales, Aeris called family members that lived far away and asked them to participate in the cookie share, selling cookies in California, Kentucky, and even in Canada! She also sold cookies at her parents’ and grandma’s workplaces, then used Facebook to videotape a sales pitch. After that, the orders came pouring in!