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Adult Awards


We have some fantastic volunteers in our council! One hundred thirteen volunteers received a 2017 GSNWGL Adult Award as formal recognition for their outstanding service. Please congratulate the following individuals and community organizations for their significant support of our program mission to build up girls of courage, confidence and character. Applications for 2018 Adult Awards may be submitted anytime during the year, but are due on February 1, 2018, for awards that are distributed at spring ceremonies around the council. Take a moment to write letters of recommendation for the volunteers that you admire most! You can find the nomination forms here. Thank your favorite GSNWGL volunteer today!

Volunteer of Excellence

Paula Bake Brenda Johnson Sarah Reidy
Maria Baker Jim Jursch Amber Renaud
Dawn Bardo Andrea Kaasa Stephanie Samson
Ann Batteen Susan Kitto Julie Schubring
Ashley Bennett Pam Kleeman Amber Schultz
Deb Bradley Amy Kloos Liz Sebena
Lynne Buchner Teri Koshak Jennifer Shepley
Christine Busse Jessica Krahn Jennifer Shimkus
Brianne Butler Margaret Landsparger Deziree Sorenson
Amber Carroll Jenifer Laramore Lisa Spencer
Trisha Colby-Schwantes Alyssa Larsen Dr. Melissa Stangl
Heather Dahms Amy Lassila Sara Steen
Keith Doney Karen Lavigne Wendy Taavola
Jessica Doney Deanna Loebach Anna Turner
Michelle Doney Cindy Lowes Hope Varhola
Teresa Dwyer-Armstrong Michelle Mahowald Suzanne Wagnitz
Jaclyn Fisher Nicole Maki Hailey Watchorn
Sheryl Givens Stacy Maki Rebecca Werchek
Erin Halpin Lisa Michalek Kimberley Wilkins
Katie Heimerl Brenda Nelson Betsy Woolever
Alisha Hirn Sara Peters Chad Yeager
Kurt Howson Erin Pizzi Laurel Zar
Tricia Huguet Linda Radomski Jaime Ziemba

Appreciation Pin

Linda Bierman Sharon Kozicki
Angela Birrittella Amy LaSala
Michele Branco Stacy Leibrich
Sean Breslin Jennifer Levins
Deborah Buchholz Sherri Livingston
Nicole Cook Carla Meyer
Sonia Donnelly Ruth Retzlaff
Sue Gonnering Marilyn Roberts
Cassandra Hoff Jennifer Ruege
Megan Kelsey Heather Sander
Emily Kelsey Kristy Schefdore
Patty Kiewiz Amy Schlewitz
Theresa Kissel Penny Snow-Myers

Honor Pin

Kelly Moen Kay MacGregor
Sara Wagner Lori Doney
June Litscher Elizabeth Ross
Barb Flom Christin Stapelmann
Holly Wolfgram  

Thanks Badge

Jill Lemke Marianna McCourt Gilbertson

Thanks Badge II

Lynn Moon Diane Roundy