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Camp and Outdoors

Camp and Outdoors

Are you told to sit down, to use your inside voice, to walk – not run? Not here — not at camp! At camp, you should BE WILD! Find your favorite tree and climb it, make the biggest cannonball splash in the lake, sing your favorite song as loud as you can, and feel the freedom of being around girls just as wild as you. Camp is a place where girls can run free in the fresh air while feeling the mud between their toes before collapsing at night to a chorus of crickets. Don’t settle for a summer of Snapchat – do something worth remembering – be wild with us at camp!

The 2019 Camp Guide is online now! Registration is now open!


You’ll develop the kind of outdoor skills it’s hard to get anywhere else. Skills like taking a journey, camping out, building a campfire, cooking outdoors, pitching a tent, leave no trace camping, playing games and singing songs, or canoeing across a lake.

Hey, how about adding some horseback riding, rock climbing, and archery to the mix? Round things out with a ropes course, some zip lining, and maybe a week-long back-country trek, and you’ll find out how much fun it can be to unplug and explore the world around you.