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For Volunteers

Thank you for volunteering to support your Girl Scout Troop’s Cookie Program. Because of you, girls gain valuable skills that will help them succeed. The Girl Scout Cookie program is a fun way for girls of all ages to earn money to achieve their goals and is a powerful, hands-on leadership and entrepreneurial program.

Looking for a one-stop shop for everything Girl Scout Cookies?

Well, we have you covered! This is where you'll find all of our Girl Scout Cookie resources as they become available.

 Training Guides

2019 Girl Scout Cookie Rally Guide
Girl & Family Guide
Troop Cookie Manager Guide
Service Area Cookie Manager Guide                                                Cookie Booths

 Online Trainings

Smart Cookies Tutorials
Troop Cookie Manager Training Video

 Order Cards

          2019 Keep Goal-ing Card
          ABC Baker Mini Order Card

 Permission Slips & Agreements

Girl Permission Slip
Troop Cookie Manager Agreement
Service Area Cookie Manager Agreement

 Extras & Fun Stuff

Gluten-Free Cookie Poster (8.5x11)
Cookie Booth Posters (11x17)
Girl Cookie Goal Posters (8.5x11)
Troop Cookie Goal Posters (11x17)
Cookie Thank You Cards                                                                          Cookie Retail Promo                                                                            2019 Cookie Rewards