Camper Info

What do girls have to say about their experience at one of our camps? Check it out and see!

"Girl Scout camp taught me that it isn't hard to get out and do something adventurous. Live outside the box- it will surprise people!" -Erica
"What was the best part about camp? EVERYTHING!" -Hailey
"I trust my camp friends enough to express exactly who I am." -Marlee
"I love singing camp songs at the top of my lungs!" -Ari
"Last year, I went on a kayaking wilderness trip. It was nice when we were kayaking, but when we got to our first campsite, it started to pour! It wasn't as fun when it was raining, but I made good friends and had a great time at camp!" -Sam
"My favorite part of Girl Scouts has been the wilderness trips because it has strengthened me and made me a better person. I also love the sense of family that Girl Scouts provides. I think this sense is stronger at camp because everyone is there for a similar reason and for the time that you are there, your girls are your support system. Just like a family." -Hannah

Fun & Games

Camp is a fun place where you get to be silly and let your awesomeness shine. Be yourself and know that you are appreciated for the unique girl you are.


Q: Why do birds fly south in the winter? A: Because it's too far to walk!
Q: What do you call a fish with no eyes? A: A fsh!
Q: Why are fish so smart? A: Because they live in schools!
Q: Where do you learn to make ice cream? A: Sundae school!

Fun facts!

Q: Who was Juliette Gordon Low and what was her nickname? A: She was the Girl Scouts of the USA founder, and her nickname was Daisy.
Q: What direction is 315 degrees on a compass? A: Northwest
Q: On what side of a tree does moss most typically grow? A: North

My Camp Packing List

  • Swimsuit and beach towel
  • PJs
  • Tennis shoes
  • Plenty of T-shirts and shorts
  • Long pants
  • Jacket or hoodie
  • Underwear and socks (extra is always a good idea)
  • Bath towel and washcloth
  • Soap
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Deodorant
  • Bathroom stuff and other should haves
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Non-aerosol insect repellant
  • Mess kit
  • Sleeping bag and pillow
  • Flashlight with new batteries
  • Water bottle/canteen
  • Camera
  • Hat or bandanna