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All Girls Welcome

All girls are invited to make a lifetime of memories at Girl Scout camp! If a girl isn’t registered for Girl Scouts, she can still attend camp by registering at for an additional $20 for a Girl Scout membership. She will then be eligible for Girl Scout programming through September 30, 2014.

Please note: Adults who are attending GSNWGL programs also need to be registered Girl Scouts. This includes our Outdoor Extravaganza and Weekend in the Woods programs.

Girl Scout camp is the perfect opportunity for girls to unplug, make new friends, and try new things. All girls entering grades K-12 (even non-Girl Scouts!) can build confidence and independence at Girl Scout camp, and financial aid is available!


The grades listed for all our camp sessions refer to the grades girls will be entering in the fall of 2014.

Girl Planning

Each camp session described in this planner provides an idea of what activities will be included at camp; however, girl input helps determine what activities happen. When the girls help make program decisions, they are discovering their interests, trying new things, and engaging in cooperation and team-building.

Registration & Confirmation

Camp registration is now open! Only parents/guardians may register their girls for camp.

Confirmation packets are sent electronically, so it’s crucial that you provide us with a valid email address. If you aren’t sure if we have your current email address on file, please contact 888.747.6945 or Confirmation packets are also available at

Payment, Cookie Dough, & Financial Aid

Programs that are $100 or less require payment in full at the time of registration. For programs that are over $100, or if you are requesting financial assistance, a $50 deposit must be included with registration.

Cookie Dough earned this year expires December 19, 2014, and camp is a great way to spend it! If you would like to use Cookie Dough but do not receive it by the time you register for camp, all required deposits and fees must be paid; after your Cookie Dough is received you may apply it to camp fees by calling 888.747.6945. If the amount of Cookie Dough used plus the amount of your deposit exceeds the total cost of your camp fees, you will receive a refund for the overage. Due to the volume of these requests, it may take up to four weeks to receive your refund.

Financial assistance is available! Please visit for more information and to apply. All balances must be paid in full by May 31, 2014. Late payments may be charged additional finance fees.

Change, Cancellation, & Refund Policy

Camp’s $50 deposit is non-refundable, and any possible refunds are made at GSNWGL’s discretion. Each change made to a registration—including changing camps, weeks, sessions, bus stops, camp kits, trading post deposits, etc.—will result in a non-refundable $15 change fee. Exceptions cannot be made.

Healthy Hikers

Our new Healthy Hikers walking program will engage campers to get up and move, to walk more, and to make healthy food choices while at camp, then bring their new habits home with them to continue practicing a healthy lifestyle. All of our campers will have healthy foods available to them at each snack and meal, will receive a pedometer to keep track of the steps they take each day, and can earn a foot bead to add to their camp bracelet to remind them of the fun they had while at camp.

Camper Readiness Quiz

Is your daughter ready for camp? Have her take this quiz and find out! Circle the answer that best describes how you and your camper feel, then add them up when you’re finished. Be honest with your answers! This can help you both decide if she’s ready to attend camp.

Yes No Maybe
3 2 1 Do you enjoy staying overnight at a friend’s house?
3 2 1 Do you enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and sleeping in a tent?
3 2 1 Are you willing to try new foods that you haven’t eaten before?
3 2 1 Can you go without TV, video games, computer, and phone?
3 2 1 Do you like to meet new people and interact with other girls, not just your best friends?
3 2 1 Can you brave a thunderstorm, bugs, and forest noises at night?
3 2 1 Can you take care of personal needs, like shampooing and brushing your hair?
3 2 1 Are you ready to sleep in a tent or cabin with 4-8 girls, knowing your counselors are in a nearby tent?
3 2 1 Can you make your own bed and keep track of your things?
3 2 1 Have you ever camped before?

Less than 18 points: Consider trying a weekend camp with a group or parents first.
18-25 points: You may want to try a weekend camp or a week at day camp.
25+ points: You are an experienced camper who will thrive at resident camp!

Meet Our Camp Staff!

Check back next season to see what familiar faces are returning and read about our newest camp staff!