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Camp and Outdoors

It is with deep disappointment that we share with you we have made the difficult decision to cancel all GSNWGL Camp sessions for summer 2020.


Camp and Outdoors

We Girl Scouts have been doing the whole camp thing a long time – over one hundred years and one thing we know for sure is that Girl Scout camp is more than just cabins in the woods and campfires. It is about each individual girl and her journey. The rustle of leaves in a warm breeze, the crackle of the campfire, and the sound of small waves made by a paddle have their own meaning to each girl. Girl Scout camp is the tangle of roots, as wild as her windblown hair, that ties each girl’s individual experience together into something bigger than herself. Rooted in adventure, Girl Scout camp empowers girls to master outdoors skills that plant memories of resiliency, capability, and friendship that will stay with them at home, in the classroom, and where ever life takes them.

No matter the session your Girl Scout selects her experiences will contain all the best camp provides: friendship, games, exploring, adventure, and traditional outdoor experiences like building a campfire and cooking over its flames. With opportunities for horseback riding, kayaking, hiking, climbing, archery, and our challenging Wilderness trips there is something for every girl to try for the first time or build on skills she’ll call on for the rest of her life.

Girl Scouts have always been explorers. Give your girl the experience she’ll never forget.

You’ll develop the kind of outdoor skills it’s hard to get anywhere else. Skills like taking a journey, camping out, building a campfire, cooking outdoors, pitching a tent, leave no trace camping, playing games and singing songs, or canoeing across a lake.

Hey, how about adding some horseback riding, rock climbing, and archery to the mix? Round things out with a ropes course, some zip lining, and maybe a week-long back-country trek, and you’ll find out how much fun it can be to unplug and explore the world around you.