Our History | Girl Scouts
American President Theodore Roosevelt presents a family silver plate to Girl Scouts to be melted down for cash for the WWI war effort, 1918.
Promotional booklet, "Who Are the Girl Scouts?," published by Girl Scouts Inc., circa 1933.
Central Los Angeles Girl Scouts prepare “Kits for Korea,” 1954.
Girl Scout Cadettes, Earth Day, 1970.
The website for Girl Scouts of the USA debuts on February 1, 1996. The site is visited by more than 18,000 people in its first three months of operation.
Girl Scouts enjoy summer camp in eastern Pennsylvania, 2015.
World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) 1926 World Conference, Great Hall, Camp Edith Macy, New York.
Girl Scouts present President Franklin Delano Roosevelt with a checklist documenting service hours, March 12, 1944.
Girl Scout Seniors at a Speak Out conference, 1960s.
Girl Scout Daisies at a playground, circa 1984.
Girl Scouts in San Antonio, Texas, at the 2002 National Conference on Latinas in Girl Scouting.
Girl Scouts participate in a track and field activity, 2021.