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Resources For Cookie Families

Get selling tools, marketing resources, and expert guidance on how to sell Girl Scout Cookies.

Are you ready to unleash that unstoppable Girl Scout drive and ingenuity to make amazing things happen and reach your goals? Of course. You’ve got this!

Check out these great tools to help you reach your cookie sales goals, go on new adventures, and rock this season like never before.

Important dates

January 21- February 6 | Girls take door-to-door orders. Money is not collected at this time.

January 21 – April 3 | Smart Cookies is open for orders.

February 7 – April 3 | Girls can keep selling using the Keep Goal-ing Card.

March 1 -8 | Girls pick up cookies from their TCM, then deliver cookies and collect money.

March 4 – April 3 | Direct Sale - Troops participate in Cookie Booths and Walkabouts.

May | Girls receive rewards from their Troop Cookie Manager.

June 30 | Final day to report reward and Cookie Dough discrepancies or any other issues to the GSNWGL Product Program Department. If membership recognition is earned, girls must be reregistered by this date.

Guides, permission  slips, and more
Training Guides

Family Cookie Guide

Permission Slips & Agreements

Girl Permission Slip

Order Cards

Order Card
Keep-Goaling Card
Rewards Sheet


Cookie Program Family Meeting Guides for DaisiesBrownies , Juniors
CadettesSeniors , and  Ambassadors

Entrepreneurship Progression Chart  — English

Sales Pitch Script

Girl Scout Cookie Program Pins and Badges poster

Cookie Entrepreneur Family Pin Requirements for DaisiesBrownies , Juniors
CadettesSeniors , and Ambassadors


Before participating in any money-earning activity, it’s super important for Girl Scouts and adults to review the following materials:

Digital Marketing Tips for Cookie Entrepreneurs and Families (PDF) — English

Supplemental Safety Tips for Online Marketing (PDF) — English

Supplemental Safety Tips for Online Marketing (PDF) — English

Practical Tips for Parents (PDF) — English | Español

Safety Tips for Product Sales (PDF) — English

Order cards and rewards sheet

Order Card

Keep Goal-ing Card

Rewards Sheet

Cookie Entrepreneur Family Pin

Your cookie business = a family affair.

It’s never been easier to support your Girl Scout as she develops business skills, makes amazing memories, and earns a different pin every cookie season. The simple, age-specific guidelines meet her where she is developmental, making success a snap.

Find your girl’s level below to get started!

Daisy       Brownie

Junior        Cadette   

Senior         Ambas.

Celebrate your family’s teamwork and get the pin—now available!  

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