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For Girls and Families


Parents, watch this video to learn about the benefits of the Girl Scout Cookie Program! Program basics, essential learning skills, Pro Tips and more will help your Girl Scout get the most out of this girl-led entrepreneurial program.


2020 Girl Scout Cookie Program Dates

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Guides, Permission Slips & Fun Stuff!

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Order Cards

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Supporting your Girl Scout

Do you want to support your daughter during the Girl Scout Cookie Program, but you’re not sure how? Start by looking over the recognitions she can earn and set some goals. You'll be sent an email from that will guide you on your way to being a Girl Scout #Cookieboss.


Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough is the best! We aren’t talking about actually cookies here (though they are amazing), we’re talking about the Council dollars your girl earns through the Girl Scout Cookie Program. As she sells she’ll earn Cookie to Dough spend on amazing adventures at camp, awesome events and activities just for Girl Scouts, and cool new Girl Scout swag from our shops.

We are excited to offer our members a choice on how they plan to use their Cookie Dough online or within the Council (brick and mortar shops, camp, programs, etc.) Cookie Dough issued in 2018 can be used in the new GSUSA online shop which is great news for members in areas where we do not have a retail shop in their community. Members will simply need to choose how they plan to spend their cookie dough rewards as cookie dough can only be issued for one or the other.


Digital Cookie

Digital Cookie is an exciting addition to the Girl Scout Cookie Program’s selling options. By introducing a virtual component to our super successful Cookie Program, cookie purchases are faster and even more convenient for family and friends who live far away. Digital Cookie is an enhancement, not a replacement, for traditional door-to-door and face-to-face cookie sales. Girls who participate in Digital Cookie will have the opportunity to learn 21st century skills like online marketing, app usage, and e-commerce.