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Service Area Resources

Service Areas are a  community or regional area, managed by volunteers, which supports the day-to-day work of troops within a defined geographic area. The work of service units includes event planning, volunteer networking, troop collaboration, and raising the profile of Girl Scouts in their communities.


Council Updates is a monthly virtual meeting to share updates on events, resources, due dates, and advice to volunteers who want to be in the know.

 Service Area Events

Service Area Event Portal

Give us basic details about your event, report back on attendance numbers and success, share pictures, and request event planning help!

Service Area Event Planning Guide 
 Service Area Virtual Event Planning Guide 
Service Area Event Guide - STEM Robotics
Service Area Event Guide - Trefoil Takeover
Service Area Event Guide - STEM Bring-a-Friend
Service Area Event Guide - STEM Coding for Good
Service Area Event Guide - Outdoor Art
Bridging Events
World Thinking Day Events

 Service Area Budgets

Service Area Bank Account Information & ACH Authorization Form

Recruiting New Members

 Inviting Girls

 Service Area Leader Meetings

These meetings connect you to Girl Scout volunteers in your community. Contact us to find a meeting near you

 Service Areas and the Volunteer Toolkit (VTK)