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Super Troop

Super Troops keep it simple. Feel confident that you are offering an action-packed Girl Scout troop experience – and making great memories – when you include the nine elements of a Super Troop in your year plan. Do you like rewards? Super Troop is a patch program, so your girls earn a free patch when troop leaders complete by June 30. Oh, and we love your stories and pictures - share those too!

Here are the nine elements of a Super Troop year! Meet up in-person or adapt to virtual engagement.

1. One parent meeting or one family event.
Super Troop | Parent Meeting 

2. One field trip into the community, out of the troop meeting room

3. One service project or Take Action project.
Super Troop Highlight | One Service Project or Take Action Project

4. Earn four badges or other earned awards.
Super Troop Highlight | Four Badges or Other Earned Awards Journeys

5. One cookie kick-off event and participation in cookie sales.
Super Troop Highlight | Cookie Program Participation | Cookie Rally

6. One Girl Scout tradition.
Super Troop Highlight | Founder's Day | Songs | Ceremonies | Bridging

7. One outdoor outing.
Super Troop Highlight | Outdoor Planning

8. One STEM activity.
Super Troop Highlight | Think Like a Citizen Scientist

9. One overnight (Brownies and up).
Super Troop Highlight | Virtual Sleepovers

Dear Daisy

Dear Daisy is a place for you to ask all your burning questions about how to be a Super Troop leader. We’ll answer you and then put information right here - to help other Super Troops. Ask a question now!