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Troop Topics

Every troop leader needs help and we have so many ways to help you. Each category is packed with content to help you go from newbie to expert.

Leader Basics
This is the perfect jumping off point for every Girl Scout Volunteer.

 Council 101

Volunteer policies and procedures for our council

 Leader Go-To Guide

Let's start at the very beginning - it's a very good place to start. This guide is the basis of our New Leader Orientation.

 Super Troop

Include these nine activities for a year full of variety!

 Volunteer Essentials

The essential reference guide for volunteers! Consult the Girl Scout Experience section for guidance on using reflection, progression, inclusion, badges, and more.

Troop Start-Up
Getting your troop up and running doesn't have to be a chore.

  Troop Start-Up

            Get your new troop up and running quickly

Managing Troop Finances
           How to open your troop bank account and more

Welcome Families Handout

Share this with families at the Parent Meeting.

Working with Girls
Don't worry if you haven't worked with children before - we got you covered.

 Tips for Troop Leaders
          Confidence, current events, bullying, and more

 Raising Awesome Girls 
          GSUSA blog for parents of daughters

 Daisy Grade Level Resource

 Brownie Grade Level Resource

 Junior Grade Level Resource

 Cadette Grade Level Resource

 Senior Grade Level Resource

 Ambassador Grade Level Resource

 Program Aide Training
          Supervise training for Cadettes who enjoy working with younger girls

 Troop Government Resource
           Choose the form of troop government that works best for your
           grade level and group size.

Getting outdoors with your troop doesn't have to be intimidating!

 Outdoor Education Training
            Required for building outdoor fires, campfire cooking, and
            camping. Find a training now.
            Find a training now.

First Aider Training
           If your destination location does not provide personnel certified in
           First Aid/CPR/AED, you’ll need to bring your own First Aider.
           Always check the Safety Activity Checkpoints for guidance. 
           Find a training now.

 Girl Scouts Getting Outside video series

 Outdoor Progression Chart

 Troop Camp Weekends, Day Camp, Resident Camp, Wilderness                     Camp

 Use Council Property

 On Your Own
            Find field trip ideas

           Find Council-run program events

Basic Outdoor Cooking Cookbook

Field Trips and Travel
Taking a trip with your troop doesn't have to be hard!

 Permission Slips 
            Required when troops leave the meeting place
Travel Progression Chart 

 Troop Trip Planning Guide 
            Forms in this guide are required for trips three nights or longer

 Additional Activity Insurance

 On Your Own 
            Find field trip ideas

            Find Council-run program events

            Girls ages 11 and older apply for national and international travel             opportunities. These travel opportunities are done individually

 Council Property Overview

Safety and Health
Keeping girls safe is important. Find out how.

 Health History Form 
            Required for each registered member

 First Aider Training 
            Find a training now 

 Outdoor Education Training
            Find a training now

 Safety Guidelines 
            Sets the standard for girls’ physical and emotional safety

 Safety Activity Checkpoints 
            The first place to look when planning for an adventure

 Basic Food Safety

Money matters - manage your troop finances with our help.
Highest Awards
Bronze. Silver. Gold. These represent the highest honors a Girl Scout can earn.
Celebrations and Ceremonies
Take part in the traditions of Girl Scouts!

 Flag Ceremony

Bridging Guide

 National Bridging Week

 Girl Scouts of Distinction

 Adult Awards
           Submit nominations by Feb 1 to recognize outstanding volunteers

 World Thinking Day (February 22)

 Founders’ Day ( October 31)

 Girl Scout Week, Sunday and Sabbath, Birthday (Week of March 12)

Girl Scouts' Birthday (March 12)

Girl Scout Leader's Day (April 22)

Volunteer Toolkit (VTK)
The VTK  is a digital resource that makes the process of running a troop easier and more efficient.
Fall Product Program
Our Fall Production Program is directed toward family and friends enables troops to earn startup money by selling magazine subscriptions as well as nuts and candy.

 Find everything you need on our Fall Product page.

Cookie Program
During the Cookie Program you and your troop work together to decide what your troop wants to do and how to do it through setting goals, making plans, getting out in the community and sharing the Girl Scout spirit along with some truly awesome treats.

 Find everything you need on our Cookies page.

 Entrepreneurship Progression Chart 

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