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You probably already know that Girl Scouts can help your girl be happier, healthier, more successful in school, and more satisfied with her life. But it’s not just your girl who benefits when you join—Girl Scouts makes family life better by:

  • Reinforcing the values you’re teaching at home
  • Offering fun and meaningful bonding experiences you’ll cherish forever
  • Deepening your family’s connection to the community
  • Supporting you and yours with tailor-made family resources and advice on navigating today’s complex world

 Get the most out of Girl Scouting. 

Download the FREE Girl Scout Family Connection for all the must-know info.

Girl Scout Family Connection (PDF)

Additional Resources
Raising Awesome Girls
Girl Scout Cookies

 The Volunteer Toolkit is for Parents!

The Volunteer Toolkit is a digital planning tool that gives volunteers resources and program content to get the year started—and keep it going smoothly! Fully customizable, the toolkit is digitally responsive so volunteers can plan and prepare practically anywhere.

Girls have more fun when they can shape their own experience, do hands-on activities, and work together as teams. With the new toolkit, girls, leaders, and families can explore meeting topics and program activities together, and follow the fun as they plan their Girl Scout year.

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Caregiver Dashboard

For Caregivers to Individually Registered Girl Scouts - The Year Plan Tab

For Caregivers to Individually Registered Girl Scouts - The Explore Tab

For Caregivers to Individually Registered Girl Scouts - Meeting Plan Overview

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