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Ways to Volunteer

Ways to Volunteer

Be the troop leader that supports her — the one that watches her smile get bigger as she grows more confident. Mentor a Girl Scout Cookie Professional during cookie season so she can earn enough to reach the goals she and her troop set. Or work with other adults to provide the kind of behind-the-scenes support that makes it possible for her to make amazing new memories at Girl Scouts.

Whether you can give a few hours, a few weeks, or a few months, volunteering with Girl Scouts is flexible and fun.

Troop Volunteer Roles


Troop Leader
Lead the way! Troop Leaders are memory makers; they lead and guide a group of girls through Girl Scouting. They take the girls’ interests, abilities, and opinions into consideration when planning out their fun. As girls get older, Troop Leaders guide more than lead, but continue to help them grow, learn, and do amazing things!


Assistant Troop Leader
You've got the troop leader's back! Work alongside the troop leader and making memories with the girls, mentoring them as they make new friends, try new things, and explore the world.


Troop Helpers                             
These volunteers play a big role in making the troop run smoothly. They're an extra set of eyes, ears, and hands that allow the troop to safely explore the world around them. Whether they are driving to an adventure, chaperoning a sleepover, or helping glue, cut, and color Troop Helpers can do it all!


Troop Cookie Manager
Coordinate the annual Girl Scout Cookie Program at the troop level. Set up cookie booths, manage inventory and money, and witness as girls turn into #CookieBosses- setting goals, making sales, and earning rewards!


Troop Fall Product Manager
Coordinate the annual Fall Product Program at the troop level. Manage the program and money, and then watch the girls light up when they reach their goals, learn something new, and squish the stuffed animal they didn't buy, but earned!


Troop Treasurer: Got a knack for numbers? A passion for all things accounting? This role works with girls and the troop leader to keep troop finances in order. Troop treasurers work alongside the troop leader to prepare the annual troop finance report.



Other Volunteer Roles


Service Area Volunteers

Want to share your knowledge with other volunteers? Help them be the best girl mentor they can possible be. Use your personal expertise to mentor and train volunteers in your area!

Service Area Manager
Be the leader for girls and volunteers in your service area! As Service Area Manager, you will lead a team of passionate volunteers as they plan events, engage new volunteers, and create life-changing opportunities for girls in your service area.

Service Area Cookie Manager
Coordinate the annual cookie sale at the service area level.  Manage the sale, the inventory and the money for your service area, and then watch the girls light up when they earn the rewards for being the best cookie sellers ever!

Service Area Fall Product Manager
Coordinate the annual fall product sale at the service area level. Manage the sale and money for your service area, and then watch the girls light up when they earn the rewards for being the nuts, candy and magazine sellers ever!

Service Area Treasurer
Got a knack for numbers? As service area treasurer you'll be in charge of the service area bank account-- and you will help make all those amazing Girl Scout experiences possible for girls in your service area. 

Outdoor Champion
Outdoor Champions are passionate about getting girls outside! They have interest and ability in one or more outdoor skills, especially fire building, outdoor cooking, camping, and leading outdoor activities. They enjoy teaching, supporting, and mentoring adults who want to lead girls of all ages in nature activities, outdoor skill progression, and earning outdoor badges. 

Governance Volunteer Opportunities

Regional delegates
Serve a two-year term, represent each of our five governance regions, and attend four meetings each year. Provide governance area representation to the Council and influence the direction of local Girl Scouting by maintaining contact with and gathering input from members of the Service Areas and the community, in order to provide the board of directors with policy-related information.

National delegates
Serve a three-year term, represent our Council when they travel to attend the National Convention, and engage in data gathering before and reporting after the Convention. National delegates gather feedback from service area meetings and regional meetings about proposals to be discussed at the national session and share information learned with service area meetings and regional meetings. They attend 6-8 meetings each year.

Board of Directors                                                                                                  Partner with Girl Scout staff to change the lives of girls in our communities. They serve a two-year term, advocate for Girl Scouts in their communities, and help open doors for new and existing partnerships. Board members share their leadership, financial management, and entrepreneurial skills to help us deliver the Girl Scout mission to girls. They attend at least four board meetings a year and serve on at least one board committee.

Advocacy Task Group                                                                                                  Champion the relationship with local elected officials by keeping them informed of Girl Scout issues and programs. Provide invitations to legislators for special events.

Audit Committee                                                                                                        Responsible for hiring, setting compensation, and overseeing the auditor’s activities. Sets rules and processes for complaints concerning accounting and internal control practices. (Meets three times per year, two in-person, one via phone, October-January)

Board Development Committee                                                                                Identify and recruit candidates for elected positions on the board of directors and the board development committee. Develop materials for orientation, education, and development of board and implement new board training. (Meets monthly with the exception of July and August, or as determined by the chair)

Finance Committee                                                                                                      Assist board by making recommendations regarding sound fiscal management of the corporation. Assist the Board in assessing the financial position of the Council and in making decisions regarding financing needs and alternatives as well as in making major strategic investment decisions. (Meets every two or three months with possible special meetings if needed)

Fund Development Committee                                                                                Supports development and implementation of the fund development plan including annual and major giving, special events, planned giving, prospect identification, and donor cultivation and stewardship. Develops strategies for greater Board enthusiasm and support of fundraising activities. (Meeting schedules vary by region, but tend to be quarterly or bi-monthly)

Investment Committee                                                                                              Provides oversight of the Council’s long-term investment portfolios through the development and monitoring of investment and spending distribution policies. Recommends investment managers and monitors their adherence to established guidelines. Policy and investment manager recommendations are presented to Board for approval. (Meets quarterly – typically late afternoon of the first Tuesday of the second month following the end of the quarter)

Ad hoc Policy Review Committee                                                                            Review Council policies in training, fund development, troop management, program, and camp and recommending changes, using input from delegates, volunteers, and staff members. Review current bylaws and policies if changes are presented. Present first draft of changes at November Board/Delegate meeting for discussion. Present final draft of updated bylaws and policies at the Annual Meeting. (Meets as needed)

Ad hoc Property Committee                                                                                      Duties include providing oversight and guidance of the strategic choices determined by the Long-Range Property Planning Committee and reporting back to Board. (Meets as needed)

Contact us at 888.747.6945 or email for more information about our governance opportunities.



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