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Pearl Challenge

In honor of 110 years of Girl Scouting, girls who accept the Pearl Challenge will coordinate and collaborate to create a philanthropic activity to raise $110 from October 1–December 31, 2022. Funds raised will set their sisters—of all financial backgrounds—up for success by covering costs, such as membership fees, uniforms, and more.

Linda Stoll has agreed to match up to $10,010 dollars raised through this new challenge! Linda is proud to champion an initiative that encourages girls to lean into their own fundraising potential and instills a desire to contribute to the world in a purposeful way, just like Juliette Gordon Low and community leaders like you.

"Girls are watching the women in their lives to see their own futures. Our girls need to see women who are tomorrow's leaders, inventing technologies, running businesses, and, in turn, giving back to their communities."  - Linda Stoll, GSNWGL Alum & Matching Donor
We also thank Insight and Capital Credit Union for their partnership in this endeavor.
And we also thank you!
Your generosity provides leadership programming and outdoor adventures for girls of all financial backgrounds.