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GSNWGL Cookie Program Updates

Is the cookie sale extended? How long?

The cookie program will be extended through May 31, 2020

What does this mean to me and my Troop?

Girls can continue to use their online account to sell cookies. Once the emergencies are lifted girls can fill all Keep-Goaling and Girl Delivery orders as well as host cookie booths and walkabouts.

GSUSA Eat. Share. Show Communities We Care. 

What is Cookie Care Share that GSUSA has promoted?

Because cookie booths are shut down throughout the United States, GSUSA has created a way to promote cookie sales and divert the cookie finder app to councils’ online cookie programs. When customers go online to search for cookie booths in their area, they are now directed to an online account to purchase or donate cookies.

Will credit for boxes sold be allocated to GSNWGL Troops?

Credit for boxes sold will be allocated to troops based on how many girls are selling in the troop.

What about donated cookies? Can this come from the inventory we (Troops) have on hand?

Troops could use their allocation to donate cookies from their inventory.

Cookie Booths & Sales

I still have cookies on hand. What are some suggestions for selling cookies we still have?

You can take donation orders and deliver the donated cookies when the emergency has lifted. Payment methods of Venmo, PayPal, or Clover Go require no face to face customer contact. These donations are not Cookie Share, would come from your troop supply, and can be donated to a location or charity of your choice such as a thank you to healthcare workers, first responders, food banks etc. Troops can post this as a virtual cookie booth. If girls use Smart Cookies for order taking, and get Girl Delivery orders, these orders can be filled from troop inventory and delivered once the emergency is lifted. Check out this great cookie story about a virtual cookie booth and donations.

Will we be able to have any final in-person cookie booths?

Assuming the current situation has improved and social distancing limitations have benefited, we hope that troops will be able to host cookie booths by the end of May. Troops could use any remaining inventory that they have or can check out cookies from a cupboard.

Cookie Inventory

Can I hold onto all of our cookies until the sale officially ends, and only return what our troop could not sell?

We will hold a return week once it is safe to move about. We hope that week happens before May 31. We will be asking that all returns happen during that timeframe, so that those cookies can be used by troops that need a restock.

What if we have cookies left even if we try some of these alternative sale ides?

We plan on accepting cookie returns from troops if needed once the national and state emergencies have ended.

My troop wants to keep selling, but we don’t have any more inventory. Can we get more cookies to sell due to the extension of the Cookie Program?

Cupboards will open for planned orders before the cookie program ends. We have inventory available at our Cupboards.

Cookie Finance

How will this impact Girl Rewards?

Rewards for girls will continue to accumulate until the sale closes on May 31. Moving the cookie program end date will delay the shipment of rewards, however. Right now, the fulfillment center is closed and not shipping out any rewards. With our new timeline, rewards should arrive in mid-July.

When will the next ACH withdrawal happen?

To ease the concerns of our Troops and keep our Council funded so we can continue to support operations that support you, we plan to have two different ACH withdrawals. The first withdrawal will be on May 8, 2020. It will be for a small percentage of the amount owed by troops. If troops are finished with their sale and want the entire amount owed withdrawn, they can let us know. If troops have had any issues collecting money, they can adjust or delay this withdrawal. The final ACH withdrawal will be on June 16.

Why are you pulling funds before the sale is done?

Some troops have finished their cookie sale and would like to wrap up their finances.

Will the cookies I have not yet sold be counted in the balance due for the withdrawal?

All cookies in a troop account are calculated in the balance due and the withdrawal amount. Reference your Troop Balance Summary report and email us with any adjustments or delays.

What if I haven’t collected all the funds from families yet, so I cannot make the ACH payment that the council is pulling?

If troops have had any issues collecting money, they can adjust or delay any ACH withdrawal by contacting our Council at