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MYGS Updates are Coming!


Later this fall Girl Scouts will release a refreshed member account management system. The fresh, new environment will provide increased visibility to your Girl Scout member account, make it simpler to manage and maintain your household memberships (and for troop leaders, troop memberships, too!) And for your girl, it will be easier to find fun activities!

At midnight on November 18 My GS will be down through December 2.

  • Volunteers will not have access to VTK or gsLearn during this time
  • If you are using a year plan on VTK, we suggest that you export it before November 18
  • If you add a girl or volunteer to your troop during this time, just go to “Join” on our website- you’ll be directed to fill out an online form.

Week of December 3- expect emails about the new system.

Thank you for your patience while we work to enhance your Girl Scout member experience.