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Become a Service Area Delegate!

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Girl Scouts is full of so many incredible opportunities to grow in the skills that really matter. If you’re a Girl Scout above age sixteen and you’ve grown in strategic thinking, adaptability, team building, decision making, communication, and policymaking/influencing…then we have the opportunity for you!

Apply to be a Service Area Delegate by submitting your interest to your Membership Engagement staff member. You’ll need to do this before March 10.

Not convinced yet? Here’s what it’s about.

You’ll have an important role in representing Girl Scouts in your service area to our council board and being the carrier of news and information back to your service area. You will have a role in electing our Council Board of Directors and Board Development Committee Members, as well as vote on changes to our council bylaws.

If you apply, you will potentially be elected for a two-year term that will begin after April 23, 2022 and end after the Annual Meeting in 2024.

Primarily, you’ll need to attend Service Area Leader Meetings and meet as a group just four times per year.

Don’t miss another opportunity to add to your Girl Scouts repertoire in becoming a Service Area Delegate! You’ll learn a lot and have the opportunity to make lasting change in our council.