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How to Take Part in Women's History Month

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Every year, March is designated Women’s History Month by presidential proclamation. The month is set aside to honor women’s contributions to American history.

Women’s History Month began as a local event of “Women’s History Week” in 1978. The organizers selected the week of March 8 to correspond with International Women’s Day. The movement spread across the country as other communities initiated their own Women’s History Week celebrations the following year.

In February 1980, President Jimmy Carter issued the first Presidential Proclamation making the Week of March 8th, 1980, National Women’s History Week. Following Presidents continued to establish National Women’s History Week in March until 1987 when Congress passed a law designating March as “Women’s History Month.” 

Girls of today are the women who will make history tomorrow, which is why it is so important for Girl Scouts to acknowledge the celebration and commemoration that Women’s History Month holds.

A few things you can do this month:

-        Thank a woman who has inspired you – write her a note, send her a message

-        Read about women who have done amazing things throughout history – check out a book from your local library, or on a reputable website

-        Take a quiz on Women’s History and test your knowledge.

-        Check out the International Women’s Day website to learn about how to participate

-        Watch the movie, On the Basis of Sex based on the journey of Ruth Bader Ginsburg  

Listen to the podcast: What’s Her Name which delves into the lives of impactful women in history

-        Wear purple for International Women’s Day which is on March 8th

-        Earn a badge/guide Girl Scouts in earning a badge – badges empower Girl Scouts to learn new skills and equip them to be world changers

 A few events and exhibits:

Women’s History Month Speaker Series – Hearthstone House Museum, Appleton

Her Story Exhibit – Neville Public Museum, Green Bay

Women’s History Month Panel Discussion – Virtual, hosted by League of Women Voters of the U.S.

International Women's Day Speaker: Dr. Fawzia Afzal-Khan – Virtual, hosted by UW-Eau Claire

AFRICaide International Women’s Day: Break the Bias – Virtual, hosted by AFRICaide & 4W