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While other organizations may seek to empower girls, Girl Scouts goes one step further. Our proven leadership programming helps build the skills girls need to lead and prepares them for the challenges they’ll meet once they get there. Sustained, financial support of Girl Scouts makes a real difference in the lives of girls right in your community.



Look how much good a gift to Girl Scouts can do!

Youth mental health is worsening and will have a specifically disproportionate impact on women and girls. Girl Scouts will continue to be that safe place for girls. 76% of Girl Scouts report a strong sense of self. A girl who develops a strong sense of self stands up for herself and believes she can do anything.

Girls and women need the tools to thrive and assist with the recovery of our community. A girl who learns to identify and solve problems in her community is a more active and engaged citizen.

Girls need to develop skills to advance diversity and promote tolerance in the twenty-first century. 98% of Girl Scouts reports they can advocate for themselves and others. 

55% of our local Girl Scout families have experienced a reduction in income or are concerned about a loss of income. Our Council does not turn away any girl who wishes to be a Girl Scout through our Financial Assistance program. We ensure that every girl has the opportunity to participate, regardless of her ability to pay. 

The statistics show that today’s Girl Scouts are going to be tomorrow’s decision-makers, visionaries, and leaders. Only 7% of all philanthropic dollars are spent on women and girl programs each year. You can help change that today.


“Without the support that financial assistance provides, our girls would not be here! For many of the girls, this troop is their one safe place. Thank you so much for helping to bring these girls to us and for making this experience possible!”

 Elizabeth, multi-level troop leader

“I am so happy I have Girl Scouts, this is the only time I can get out of my house and relax with my friends.”

Ruby, 13-year-old Cadette

“Girl Scouts teaches us how to advocate for others and then provides encouragement and opportunities to do so.”

 Alyiah, 14 year old Juliette Cadette